Oxygen Mask for Running: Pros and Cons

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

Running is one of the most popular and productive types of physical activity, helping not only to improve the shape but also to prevent the development of a whole mass of health problems. But to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to regularly increase the intensity of the load exerted on the body. Oxygen masks for running will help to diversify, complicate training and get maximum benefits from it – an extremely simple, but very useful device designed to activate the body’s own energy reserves.

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

Peculiarities of cardio loads in an oxygen respirator

The cardiovascular process involves, first of all, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Owing to their active work, oxygen enters the body, is distributed in muscle cells and triggers the necessary metabolic reactions in them. Therefore, the main criterion that determines the productivity of the training program is the quantity and quality of oxygen absorbed by the lungs. An oxygen mask is a kind of filter that allows you to adjust these indicators.

The design features of the device allow its use by both beginners and experienced runners adapted to intensive and long-term cardio training. The function of controlling the flow of air is performed by special membranes and valves. By adjusting them you can control the level of oxygen pressure. Due to this, the use of the device allows you to simulate running in more complex, high-altitude conditions. The body as a result of such exposure transfers a kind of stress, as a result of which the athlete manages to achieve the main advantage – a multiple increases in productivity from running.

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

Among the advantages of using an improved respirator mask can also be noted:

  • a reliable filter that provides the flow of air, purified from exhaust gases and other toxic substances;
  • improving the quality of breathing and heart muscle work;
  • strengthening the diaphragm, increasing the volume of the lungs, the inclusion in the work of previously not involved cells of the respiratory system;
  • improving the susceptibility of tissues to oxygen-limited in quantity;
  • the exclusion of the plateau effect, the growth of indicators of endurance;
  • reducing the time needed for muscles to recover;
  • optimization of physical and brain activity.

Using the mask allows you to experience the maximum benefits of cardio. Any person who is somehow related to sports knows that almost all muscle groups work during the run. As a result of a slight respiratory restriction in the body, the process of oxygen metabolism stabilizes, so that each cell receives more nutrients.

In addition, even after completing the workout and stopping the use of the mask, the oxygen exchange in the cells remains at the highest level. An additional advantage of the operation is the stabilization of pressure: the indices of the patient’s pulse become much lower both during maximum activity and in a calm state.

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

Features of the use of masks for running

The mask is attached to the face with elastic rubber mounts, ensuring reliable fixation even during fast running. Devices designed to optimize respiratory function are made from breathing materials that do not cause allergies.

Therefore, those involved may not worry about the disturbance of oxygen metabolism in the skin or dermatological infections caused by excessive sweating. But with systematic use, it is important not to forget to clean the mask with the help of decontaminates specified in the instructions.

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

In appearance, this accessory may resemble a gas mask or respirator. But at the same time, it always looks very presentable. Many people believe that the device gives even novice athletes the appearance of real professionals. You can verify this by looking at the photos of trainees.

Thanks to their powerful appearance, oxygen masks have gained popularity not only among runners. They are used by many modern weightlifters, boxers and other wrestlers. Due to its high functionality and adaptive capabilities, the device can be used for any power and cardio loads. In addition, this accessory can be made in any color and variation.

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

Rules of construction and benefits of training

You can run with the described sports accessory as often as you do without it: to achieve the result, it is enough to go for a run 3-4 times a week, better – in the morning when the body’s energy reserves are at a maximum. But, in contrast to the usual training, training with a respirator has another advantage – it should not exceed 20 minutes. This time is enough to achieve an effect similar to one of the hours of classical occupation.

To adapt the lungs and the entire respiratory system, it is important to wear an oxygen mask prior to training. Before running, it is necessary to warm up lightly (stretching, bending, swinging arms and legs). Then you can start jogging. After training the muscles need to give rest. The optimal time for recovery is 48 hours.

Oxygen Masks for Running: Pros and Cons

The most productive is considered interval running. It consists of systematically changing the speed of movement and intensity of movement. The interval should be 60-200 meters, depending on the individual training and abilities of the runner. For the correct measurement of the distance, you can go to the marked track or use special programs that determine the location.

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