Hippie Style In Clothes For Girls

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Hippies are a style of clothing that arose due to the subculture of the same name in America in the middle of the last century. Most precisely the idea of movement is expressed by his main slogan: “Make love, not war.” This principle is inspired by the look of the hippie. “Flower Children” created not only their own philosophy but also a unique stylistic direction of its kind. Lovers of all natural come up with a style that can be called the most cheerful of all. Hippie clothes for girls are notable for their democracy, the abundance of specific accessories and ethnic components. In the 21st century, it returns to our lives, although it no longer has a precisely defined framework. Today, hippie style helps a woman to revive her image, to make it more romantic. However, there remain the true adherents of this movement, who use its attributes to express their worldview.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Canons of style

The hippie philosophy left an imprint not only on the look but also on the cut of clothes. In favor of non-chilling styles. No complicated cut, tight details, frilly shiny fabrics. Everything is very simple, in the spirit of merging with nature. In their heyday, hippies loved to organize picnics, music festivals, rallies for peace. Clothing for these events was supposed to be comfortable and practical.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Clothing-free silhouette of lightweight fabrics allows you to guess the natural outlines of the body and emphasizes femininity.

To dress properly as a hippie, you need to follow these rules:

  • Things are sewn from natural materials: cotton, linen, denim, batiste, wool, leather. The natural texture is pleasant to the touch, good for health, which is important for the hippie worldview.
  • Mixing styles. For hippies, there are no strict canons in life as well as in dressing. The inner principle of freedom allows things from different cultures and traditions. If you show an individual vision of the image, it will be welcome. The only limitation is the observance of the fine line between originality and bad taste.
  • Artificially aged, worn, holey things are in great honor. Some experts believe that the hippie fashion originated in ripped jeans. Thanks to a stylish trend, today a girl can dress up in a “hippie” style in any women’s jeans store.
  • The use of ethnicity with folk ornaments, natural patterns, leather inserts is welcomed. The ethnic coloring is expressed as the use of national clothing (for example, shirts, ponchos), and its design.
  • Variety in the dress. The selection of bright, acidic colors is associated with the psychedelic nature of the subculture. Often in the hippie style for girls, there are characteristic color schemes: rainbow concentric circles, strange patterns of poisonous shades.

In hippie clothes there is no separation between the primary and secondary colors, everything is mixed into a single psychedelic range.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Bright colors are hippie classics, but outfits and quieter tones are in fashion today. The main thing is to emphasize the belonging to this style with characteristic details and accessories, which will be discussed below.

Most of the entire hippie style boho. Among other things, it does not accept things from synthetic fabrics and natural furs. Hippies are more democratic, wearing fur is not forbidden. Both directions are suitable for extraordinary, self-confident girls. Most often they are chosen by representatives of creative professions, experimenters in life. Keep reading romantic style clothing.

Spectacular outfits for hippie lovers

Consider which garments are most popular for the hippie style.


In the wardrobe of any girl hippie necessarily present jeans: worn, flared, with contrast patches. In the classic version, the flare of trousers starts from the knee area and covers the foot. High-fitting trousers are emphasized by a leather belt with original buckles. Handmade is encouraged, for example, the flare can be extended with additional wedges. On jeans, you can make a painting with fluorescent colors, embroidery floss, decorate with lacing.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Gradually, the jeans of a true hippie girl were covered with many stripes, patches, and inscriptions, turning into a picturesque picture. The bottom of the leg was wiped when walking, turning into a faded fringe. Today, manufactured jeans are decorated with such elements originally.

Hippies reformed fashion 60-70-is, having made a denim revolution. Today, fashion, born on the streets, occupies a well-deserved place on the world’s catwalks.


Vintage t-shirts and cotton shirts are preferred. Ideal if they do not shine a novelty. If the girl has old stocks of parental clothes, perhaps there will be found the perfect thing for the hippie style. If not, then various flea markets and second-hand markets will help her. T-shirts should not be recognizable labels and brands. “Flower Children” are anti-globalists who oppose the domination of large corporations. Girls usually wear T-shirts with shorts and jeans and sometimes dress them under a sundress.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Dresses and skirts

Organically look colorful puffy skirts in the gypsy style, as well as long dresses and sundresses with a high waist. The dress of this style is volumetric, flowing; mini length and silhouette fit are not welcome. Flounces, cuts, frills make such an outfit attractively romantic and seductive.


Leather, suede or fur vests perfectly fit into the hippie style. It does not hurt if they will have a pictorial wear.


Women’s loose shirts do not differ drastically from male models, except that in size. The décor uses the same characteristic motley colors, peaceful slogans, ethnic-motives. Hippies and peasant blouses with long sleeves are loved for style without frills. A special style is considered to be a stylized shirt, reminiscent of national clothes of ethnic groups living in harmony with nature. Traditional ornaments from Bali, India, Africa, and Mexican Indians were widely used.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Flap Things

Women’s clothing, made in the patchwork technique, will be an excellent basis for the outfit in the hippie style. Dresses, tops, vests, bags – all this and much more can be made by hand from colorful patches.

Hippies – mostly summer style. In the conditions of the cold weather, girls can complement the image of loose sweaters with rough knit.


Perhaps no style builds accessories in such a cult as hippies. Here they are not only decorations but also full of deep symbolism. With the help of additional details, hippies make their look even more unusual and memorable. The most recognizable accessories for girls:


This lovely word means multicolored bracelets made of beads, beads, threads, leather, fruits of exotic plants. Such homemade bracelets were woven, as a rule, by hand and were considered a symbol of friendship. By handing baubles to each other, hippie girls became girlfriends or sisters. As a result, the number of bracelets worn meant the number of friends.

There was even a special language of baubles. A woman using certain colors, patterns, and their combinations could convey to others the desired information about herself. Today such bracelets have lost their original meaning and are used simply as an original jewelry. In the photo – typical hippie baubles.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

The sign “pacif”

Hippie’s favorite movement symbol is an icon symbolizing the word “world.” It resembles a chicken foot inscribed in a circle. This attribute is placed both on clothes and on belts, bags, and also is made in the form of rings, key chains, pendants.

Scarves and headbands

Bright hippie shawls not only tie their heads, but also wear them on a belt, knee, wrist, or ankle. A cloth bandage can also serve as an ornament. Sometimes used woven of leather or leather cord.


Hippies prefer homemade jewelry or cheap jewelry made from natural materials. Multi-row earrings made of beads decorated with colored feathers look impressive. Long beads are used for tying the belt. Oriental chains with ankle bells are also a hippie. Clothes, bags, hair girls decorate with natural or artificial flowers.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls


Hippie girls wear cloth rucksacks and backs, and over their shoulders a bag that looks like a bag with long handles. Usually, they are decorated with embroidery, fringe, or other hand-made details. Small neck bags are distributed.


Recognizable attribute hippie – glasses with colored lenses. Why color? Probably to see the world in a more rosy light.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

Suitable shoes

In order not to overload the already bright image, hippies choose discreet shoes without a heel. Usually, it is woven leather sandals, espadrilles, flip-flops, bright sneakers. Sandals of the type Birkenstocks, which have a cork sole and leather upper, are most often associated with the hippie culture. Soft suede boots with a fringe or lacing are suitable for the cool season. Another suitable option – moccasins, especially if they are decorated with beads.

When is it appropriate to dress up in a hippie style?

Clothing of this style is only suitable for informal events. Dressing like a hippie girl can have a friendly party, a meeting with like-minded people or a romantic date. Going to the office or at a business reception in this form, you risk not having to go through a dress code.

If this style you like, but you are not quite ready for bold outfits, try to start small. Pay attention to airy summer dresses, sundresses, tops, and jeans. Summer is the most democratic time of the year, which is best suited for experiments with the image.

Include jewelry, bags, belts that attract you in your wardrobe. With their help, you revive the image; give it a mood, without causing undue attention to passersby. Keep reading thong bikini trend.

Hippie Style In Clothes for Girls

There is no clear frame in hippie style. Here every girl can show taste, express her inner world and social position. If you know how to make jewelry with your own hands or sew clothes, then this is a great way to demonstrate your skills. Naturalness, fantasy and peculiar chic, characteristic of this style, are gaining momentum in popularity today.

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