How to get rid of pain in the legs in just 30 seconds

Specialist recommends two simple and easy exercises

After a hard “does not feel my legs” days of work for many terms become particularly relevant. And it is not surprising, because the calves, ankles and feet bear the entire weight of the body.

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Susie Nutley, founder of Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy recommends two simple exercises from the pain in his legs. In addition to relieving pain, these exercises stretch the ligaments and improve the mobility of the joints of the foot, according to Good housekeeping.

First you need to lay a towel on the floor and sit on his lap, putting the foot on the fingers. The feet should be perpendicular to the floor. Move your body weight on your heels; sit on them completely with a straight back.

In the second case, you need to sit down just as well, but the fingers should be tucked. If you are sick, lean slightly forward.

To your feet do not hurt, the expert recommends that these two exercises daily for 30 seconds. Gradually increase the duration of each exercise up to 2 minutes.

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