Social networks and their tribes user

Today, social networks we all know, can fuel a revolution, extending many ideas and help us feel connected to people. Half the world’s population is online, so we are literally living in the “Information Age”.

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In addition to the many benefits, however also this, the growth of our fingerprint, which raised concerns about privacy, harassment (bullying) and the information we are giving to businesses.

Along with the above, it is the pressure of wanting to show a perfect life in the network, obtaining with this a perfect poisoned cocktail.

With the “digital detox” as the latest trend of the times, it seems there are many who are trying to find a balance between their real lives and digital presence.

How does all this affect us?

Experts have carried out analyzes and studies in order to determine how they affect social networks, both are physically and psychologically, which for some is a love / hate, but even if they do not like it can not leave for more they want.

“Being a comedian, I can use them for all sorts of things, how to interact with my fans, try new jokes and follow people who inspire me,” the young British actor Matt Richardson.

What tribe are you from?

Social analysts and scientific researchers have developed a new classification of what they have called “tribes of Internet users,” according to how they use social networks.

These would be the categories or tribes researchers found. In which are you?

– Those who share almost everything: Every detail of his life is documented in your profile. For your contacts is too much information.

– Stalkers (stalkers) are in a very discreet background, spying, watching others and juzgadolos, although they never express their opinions or feelings.

– The braggarts or also known as the “humble” want to show the most incredible life and not shied at bluffing all its luxuries.

– Peacocks: are always on full display, but in the case of these, which show his life is carefully selected before sharing on social networks.

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