Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Many cooks agree that one of the most delicious dishes made from cottage cheese is Lviv cheesecake. In many pastry shops and coffee houses, this dish is included in the traditional menu, and the perfect combination for it is a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

To taste the traditional Lviv cheesecake, it is not necessary to go to the cafe – a delicious curd delicacy can be prepared at home using the best recipes from the article.

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Recipe for traditional Lviv cheesecake

If you look, the Lviv cheesecake on the principle of cooking resembles cottage cheese casserole. But the taste of this dessert is not quite ordinary: a thick layer of chocolate glaze, which covers the entire surface of cheesecakes, gives the dish a rich, unusual aftertaste.

Ingredients that make up the curd dish:

  • high fat cottage cheese – 500 g;
  • chicken eggs – 4 pieces;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • butter (softened) – 100 g;
  • lemon peel – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • seedless raisins – 30 g;
  • semolina – 1 tbsp. spoon.

For chocolate coating:

  • sugar – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • cocoa powder – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • sour cream (20-25% fat) – 2.5 – 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • butter – 1 tbsp. spoon.

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Step by step description of the preparation (with photo)

  • Ostuzhenny cottage cheese wipes through a sieve or skips several times through a meat grinder. Pay attention that the curd mass is not too wet, otherwise, the cheesecake will be hard.

Tip! To get rid of excess moisture in the curd, wrap it in cheesecloth and hang it for several hours. You can also put the mass in a colander and press down on top.

  • Very carefully, trying not to mix, separate the yolks from the proteins. Place the yolks in a bowl and add sugar. Whisk (fork), whisk the mixture until a homogeneous glossy consistency.
  • Pour in a thin stream of semolina, butter softened at room temperature, raisins, and lemon zest, scalded with boiling water. Stir all ingredients.
  • Add the curd mass and mix everything for a few minutes using a mixer at the lowest speed.
  • Mix chilled proteins with a mixer at high speed until fluffy white foam (peaks).

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

  • Put the lush protein foam to the curd mass and slowly from the bottom up, mix with a spatula.
  • Smear the rectangular shape with a thin layer with butter and sprinkle with a little flour. Put in the prepared form the curd dough. Top the surface with sour cream.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, form and bake cheesecakes for an hour. If the form with low sides, then 40 minutes is enough.

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

  • While the cheesecake will be cooked, cook the chocolate icing. In an enameled scoop, add butter and sugar. When the sugar is completely melted, add sour cream and cocoa powder. Without stopping stirring, bring the chocolate mass to a boil and boil for a few minutes.
  • Remove the cooked cheesecake from the oven and cool completely. When it cools, turn the dish over onto the dish and pour chocolate icing on top. Silicone spatulas evenly distribute the glaze over the entire surface.
  • Put chocolate-covered cheesecake in the fridge for a couple of hours, or better at night.

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Serve the dish should be cold, cut into slices. Delicious dessert reveals the full flavor in combination with American or strong black tea.

Dessert in the Multicooker

You can cook a curd dish without an oven. Cheesecake baked in a slow cooker is no worse in taste than cooked in the traditional recipe.

The following products will be required:

  • 700 g dry crumbly curd;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 200 g of sugar;
  • 130 g of butter;
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of sour cream;
  • 1 tbsp. spoon semolina;
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of cocoa powder;
  • raisins (to taste);
  • lemon (on zest).

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven


  1. Separating the yolks from proteins, rub them with sugar.
  2. Add curd cheese, melted butter, and semolina and lemon zest to sweet yolks. At low speed, mix all components with a mixer.
  3. Rinse the raisins and cover with warm water, steam it in the microwave. Drain and dry. Add the soft raisins to the curd dough.
  4. Beat the whites to a peak state and transfer to a bowl with curds. Spoon mix all ingredients.
  5. Smear a bowl of softened butter, put the dough in and cook in the Baking mode for 50 minutes (or according to the instructions).
  6. For the glaze, melt 20 grams of butter, sugar and cocoa powder. Boil over low heat until sugar crystals dissolve, and then add 2 tablespoons of sour cream.
  7. Pour the ready-made cottage cheese dessert with icing and leave it in a cold place for several hours.

Tip! To reduce the sugar content in the recipe with the preservation of the traditional taste, you can add a little more raisins and steamed dry cherries. Cheesecake from this will only fragrant and brighter.

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Some housewives while putting the dough in the form do poppy layer. To do this, first spread out half the dough, then the poppy layer and cover with the remaining curd mass.

To make a poppy layer, pound 350 steamed poppies, 3 eggs and 120 g of sugar in a mortar. If the mass is too thin, you can add little crackers or a little bit of starch.

Lviv Cheesecake- Cooking Recipe In The Oven

Lviv cheesecake is a unique dish: it is suitable for breakfast and as a dessert during Sunday lunch, as well as for evening tea. It should be noted that this dish is not only very tasty but also healthy. Cottage cheese contains a large number of microelements and vitamins, especially calcium, which is simply necessary for children. And if your kid resists eating cottage cheese in its pure form, then he is unlikely to refuse from the Lviv cheesecake.

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