4 Fruits that can help to shed off those extra pounds

Do you want a solution to get rid of belly fat? Well, here is an easy one. Just have one fruit serving per day and see your body shedding fat easily. Yes, this is true. Scientific research has proved that consuming good portions of fruits can actually help you to stay fit and, in turn, result in shedding off the extra pounds that may have added on. In addition, fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which add into the health benefits. So here are some fruits that you must surely add in your fruit baskets to help stay fit and lose weight easily.

  1. Watermelon– One of the best fruits to have if your mission is to burn fat is watermelons. Constituted of about 90% of water, the fruit helps to keep the body hydrated and coupled with rich fibre content; it keeps on satiated hence relieving them from pangs of hunger. As a result, one snacks less and remains fit. Watermelon has also fewer calories so a 100 gm of consumption of this fruit will lead to only 30 grams consumption of calories. In addition, there is a wonderful amino acid, which is found in watermelon called the arginine, which research has shown can lead to burning of fat. So just one serving can help a lot to keep a check on your weight. Although the raw form is the best to consume, one can even have watermelon juice early in the morning to keep you fresh and healthy.
  2. Guava– Another tasty fruit, Guava can also aid in reducing the fat cells in the body as the fruit is enriched with fibre. With the low glycemic index, guava is an ideal fruit, which keeps diabetics in check as it has all natural sugars. Consuming one serving of Guava can also help to regulate the bowel movement aiding in proper digestion of food, which actually forms a part of the weight reducing process.
  3. Apple– Well apple is a must have for your weight losing regime plan. One portion of an apple contains only 50 grams of calories. Further, apples do not contain any fat or sodium content, which actually aids in increasing fat content in the body. In fact, there are scientific studies that have pointed out that people, who have one apple in a day are 33% less prone to putting weight. Further, apples reduce your risk of cancer and also aid in increasing the immune system. Having apples every day can also help to cleanse your teeth daily. So just have one serving of this nutrient power packed fruit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle without adding on any extra pounds.
  4. Oranges– Enriched with vitamin C, oranges are simply the best fruit to have trying to lose weight. Apart from this fact, it contains high quotient of fibre, which helps in keeping hunger pangs at bay, a 100 gm serving consists of only 47 calories.

So, next time in your basket of fruits, do add in these ones to help you keeping fit and slim.

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