5 tips to care for pets

Undoubtedly pets can become as important as a friend and all living things need care to keep them healthy. No matter what kind of pet you have, either it is a dog or cat even a fish or turtle all pets deserve your care. There are animals that tend to be more independent; however, aspects such as health, emotional health and living space are elementary to always keep them in harmony.


The following list will give you an idea of ​​how to care for and protect your pet:

1. Space: Try to always keep your pet in a place where it can develop fully. That is, if you have a turtle, have it in a bowl with space so you can move and in the case of a common pet like a dog or cat, it is not advisable to leave them in cages all day or spaces we allowed to exercise

2. Your diet: watch your diet and try foods that will give them according to their size. Sometimes people usually fill the waste pet food, however, this can affect many species. In the case of dogs, not usually tolerate foods such as chocolate, onions and milk.

3. Hygiene: Regular brushing is essential for young dogs, because it removes dead hair, dirt and parasites; also it generates them a healthier coat and shiny. Use a special team for this action.


4. Emotional health: Animals also feel, is in its nature and it suffices to say that they too can show love and affection to their masters. Violence toward animals, screaming, kicking or simply not feed your pet will not live in a harmonious environment. Always tries to give love and care for him as if he was a member of your family, they’ll thank you.

5. Veterinary: Often, you think your pet is not feeling well and a quick visit to the vet will help you confirm that something is not right. Some symptoms include loss of appetite, rejection of water, decrease or sudden weight gain, sluggishness or refusal to play, vomiting, excessive salivation or breathing irregular.

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