The benefits of a good cup of tea and secrecy to prepare

Although hot or cold weather tea does not lose prominence, especially when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere. And no one who does not go to a cup of this ancient beverage, with an exquisite sandwich or piece of cake, the time to start a good conversation, watch a movie or even during the workday.

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The truth is that beyond the great moment that can provide a cup of tea. Numerous studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have found a number of benefits of tea to our health, including stand weight regulation, reducing the chances of generating cancer and cardiovascular disease and even improve bone consistency, attention and problem solving skills among others. It has been found that the active tea our defenses, we could help sick much less, studies show that this is enhanced in older people. In addition to improving our immune system tea polyphenols directly interfere with viral replication, reducing the chance of contracting diseases such as influenza.


  1. WATER:Use purified or filtered water,not tap, because having a high mineral content, in addition to altering the taste of water; you can alter the removal of the various components of tea.
  2. TEMPERATURE:The compounds in tea are released at different temperatures, so it is important to respect the preparations according to each type.

The expert explains “In the case of green and white tea temperatures between 70 ° and 80 ° C they are used. In the case of black and red tea freshly boiled water 100 is used. For flavored teas with fruits and flowers will depend on the basis of tea, such as green tea with raspberry was infusion as a green tea between 70 and 80, while a red tea with cocoa, is infusion as red tea, i.e. at 100 ° C .

  1. TIME:As in the case of temperature is essential to respect the different infusion times.In the case of green teas we recommend between 1 to 3 minutes maximum, whereas in the case of a black tea is recommended between 3 and 5. In the case of a tea flavored temperature, depend on what basis tea occupies”
  1. AMOUNT:The ideal ratio is 1 gram per 100 ml of water, if we lower amount of tea or even when we turn to infuse strands or bags will be missing the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from our cup.Tea should avoid diluting the preparation of the infuser in water and heat it many times. The ideal is to prepare and consume immediately, with the right proportion of tea and water.
  1. SPACE:It is important to use infusers that provide the necessary space to tea to hydrate and expand, not having enough space leaves can not completely hydrate and may not transfer all its profits to the cup.


Although consumption of this drink can be enjoyed at any time, there are some varieties that are recommended to be consumed in certain seasons.

According to expertise in World’s Fair Tea in Shanghai, traditional Chinese medicine relates teas with yin and yang, to distinguish between the teas that help cool our body and those who help us warm.

The varieties belonging to the Yin group are those with no or low oxidation such as green, black and oolong some. These types of tea are considered cold, i.e. when drinking chilled our bodies and refresh us. While varieties belonging to the Yang group, have a high oxidation as other types of oolong, black and even red hot considered that to consume us comfort and shelter.

That is why, for this winter recommends the expert, the black, red and Oolongs high teas oxidation within the flavored teas flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, even smoked teas like Lapsang Souchong and famous chai whose spices content not only fill us with energy but also will enhance the increase in our defenses.

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