15 effective tips for health and fitness

There are no magic vegetables and fruits, there are no magic tablets, vitamins or exercise systems that will make you a great fighter and bodybuilder in a few minutes. If you want to live a full and healthy life, then you have to spend the time to come to form and stay in it. This will require a lot of your efforts, but this is feasible, especially if you take advantage of our simple but effective advice.

1 Prepare food in advance

The fast way to a healthy diet is a competent preparation of food on weekends. Use the extra time that you have on Saturday and Sunday, in order to prepare large lots of healthy meals that you can eat throughout the week. This will help to avoid the danger of a harmful snack that awaits you every time you did not eat normal food on time.

2 Workout Variety

Variety is the best way to improve your training results. If you work on the same simulators all the time, then you will get bored with training, you will work less in the hall but do more nonsense and rest. So try to use the full range of training equipment. Let each training be unique, and then you will never get bored.

3 Adjust the targets on the fitness tracker

Buy a fitness tracker or download an application with similar features. This is a pretty useful thing that helps you keep track of your sporting achievements. Also, thanks to him, you can correct your actions in order to achieve greater progress and make the ultimate goal more realistic. In other words, the constant tracking of results encourages you to work harder, and it really helps.

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4 Short bursts of activity

You must deal with yourself outside the hall. For example, use a ladder, not an escalator, or get off the bus before stopping to just walk. Any activity is a good activity, it will encourage you to do more. If you live in a multi-story house on the top floor, then you can run every time up the stairs when you come home – it pumps your feet in a couple of months, even the hall is not useful.

5 Pay attention to visceral fat

Visceral fat accumulates inside, mainly around the organs. It causes a variety of diseases like some types of cancer and grade 2 diabetes. Even if you are thin as a sliver, this does not mean that you do not have this fat, so we recommend that you regularly pay attention to training that helps to cope with this kind of fat. As a rule, these are aerobic endurance training.

6 Make breaks between your workouts

When you start practicing, you want to achieve everything at once, but that’s not going to work out for you. If you train every day for ten days, then you quickly burn out – you’ll get bored. Therefore, do not slow – you still have time to build muscle. In addition, these same muscles need time for recovery and growth.

7 Intensity

The principles of healthy life are simple – be more active at least Текст взят с шикарного BroDude.ru t 150 minutes a week. This is enough to not swim fat to impossibility. Under such activity, we mean fast running, reinforced cycling, energetic cardio training, strength exercises. But if you want to pump your body, then you have to increase the load to 4-5 hours per week.

8 Be friendly to your body

There is nothing worse in the training process than trauma. But many are themselves to blame for having received it. They worked hard, then came to the edge and decided to overcome themselves in order to improve the result. The result is trauma. We believe that you need to maintain sanity, especially when working with heavy weights. Trauma is always bad.

9 Eat fruits and vegetables

You need to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day – this will be the cornerstone of your health. And you should not focus your attention only on fruits and vegetables. Eat different foods to get a full complex of vitamins and minerals. A good way to diversify food is to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors.

10 Start sleeping normally

There is a tendency in modern men – they boast that they sleep little. In fact, nothing steep in this. They do not get their 7 hours of sleep, which are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. It is these 7 hours that create the opportunity for productive training. In addition, the lack of sufficient sleep provokes us to eat more fatty foods.

11 Increase the pace of running

If you run with the same speed, it does not give your muscles enough stress for development. You need to change the pace to give extra loads for the muscles. It is also better to do fewer steps per minute so that the load goes not to the knee and hip joints, but to the muscles.

12 Try the exercise three times before giving it up

Some exercises are given very hard, but this is not a reason to abandon them immediately. The second attempt removes the novelty of sensations, although it does not relieve the severity of the test. The third attempt makes possible the correct execution of the exercise. If you can not do the exercise with three attempts, then give your body time and try again.

13 Count the repetitions

This is a psychological trick that does not work for everyone, but for many. Instead of counting sequentially, count the numbers in reverse order. So your brain will think that you are not going to the end of the exercise, but to the beginning, which will help you to make more approaches, regardless of which plan you have outlined.

14 Use street sports equipment

Exercising in the fresh air is a great way to train. And it’s not just about running. You can use curtain rails, tables, chairs, chains, ropes, wheels from large agricultural machinery, stones – lots of options.

15 Lead Statistics

Nothing improves motivation as effectively as the signs of improvement that can be seen with your own eyes. In a mirror, it’s hard to see them, but on paper it’s real. Record your achievements in the field of fitness, use for this application either an old-fashioned pen and paper. The numbers will help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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