Tips for writing your own wedding vows

Writing your own wedding vows might be an idea you’ve entertained but think it’s too difficult. For those couples wanting a truly personal experience though, writing your own vows is both romantic and special. Here are some tips to help you write your own:

Read some examples online

The internet is a goldmine of information, so start by seeing what examples you can find. There are traditional vows, religious ones and more modern alternatives, so see what resonates with you. You can incorporate the themes and ideas into your own words or simply use them as a starting point for creating your very own original vows.

Come to an agreement with your partner

This is a joint effort, so format and tone need to be agreed upon. Do you want something that is comic, poetic or deeply romantic? You’ll also need to decide whether you are going to write separate vows, write them together and will they be the same or different from each other? Will you be sharing what you’ve written or save it for a surprise on the big day?

Ideas to get you started

When reflecting on your relationship, take some time to jot down key moments of your journey. Writing it down will help to get the creative juices flowing, and you’ll be amazed at how much comes to mind. Questions to start you off could include:

  • Where did you first meet?
  • When did you first know you were in love?
  • What challenges have you faced together?
  • What makes your relationship work?
  • What do you most respect about them?
  • What do you admire about them?

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Write it down in neat

After you have the notes written out, have created your first draft and finally decided on a finished article, write it out nicely without any crossings out or scribbles in the margins. You might think about typing them. Remember that the vows will most likely be photographed as a keepsake, so make them look special. Ask your photographer about it, in case they don’t realise the vows are your own. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit Nick Rutter’s website, a trusted Wedding Photographer in Bournemouth

Don’t make the vows too long

Yes, they are important but concise and beautiful is what you’re after. For others to enjoy your vows too, they mustn’t drag on and become over self-indulgent. Make the most important points and if it runs longer than two minutes, you might need to do some editing. If you have lots to say, put it in a letter for your partner to read on the morning of the wedding and leave other fun topics to the toast.

Remove confusing or embarrassing references

Remember the vows are a public declaration that you want your guests to enjoy and engage in. Things like code words, nicknames, highly personal anecdotes or inside jokes should not be included. The ceremony will most likely be recorded, so think about how these vows will sound to others and to you in the future.

Say it out loud

You might feel silly, but this is the best way to familiarise yourself with the wording and how it sounds. It’s a good way to pick out any potential tongue twisters or awkwardly written phrases. It will also help reduce any nerves on the day itself.

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