What you Should Do Before Going to University

Going to university is for many young people the first step into adulthood – the feeling of living independently from parents for the first time can be a strange mix of worrying and exciting! To make sure that your transition into university life is as easy and stress-free as possible the best thing to do is to be prepared!

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One of the first things to sort out is your accommodation. This will be a big part in your new life at university so spend plenty of time looking into different accommodation options such as this Cheltenham student accommodation, as well as halls of residence to see what might suit you.

It is normal to become a bit homesick when you first move, so spend time before you go with your family and friends at home where you can make some memories and take photos that you will then be able to take to university to alleviate the homesickness.

Learning to do things for yourself is another big part of moving away from home, and it will help build your confidence and independence – learn to do some household jobs as well as cooking some easy meals so that you are well armed for the future!

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Finances are a big part of being a student, so prepare for student life by working out what you will have available as well as your outgoings. Learning to budget is important and a good future skill for adulthood.

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