Understanding Gun Parts

Understanding Gun Parts

Even the most basic guns consist of different parts. Understanding the functionality of each part is crucial for efficiency and safety. To break it down, it helps to divide the gun’s body into three basic sections: the stock, the action, and the barrel.

The Stock

Before firing, the shooter holds the stock to help position the gun. While stocks are mostly associated with long guns, they can be used with handguns as well. The stock gives the firing mechanism, action, and barrel a solid platform. With a good stock in place, the shooter can aim the barrel and control the muzzle more easily.

The Action

When handling cartridges through the end of the barrel, the firearm’s action is key. Actions are found in most firearms, with the exception of muzzleloaders. Firing, reloading, and locking are all controlled by this mechanism. Due to their complex utility, actions come in many different forms depending on the shooter’s purpose.

The Barrel

When a gun is fired, the projectile shoots through a metal apparatus called a barrel. The projectile’s direction and momentum are greatly affected by the style and mechanism of this tube. The bore is the barrel’s interior, which can come in many different calibers (or diameters). Originally guns only had one barrel, but many guns today use several to improve hit probability, speed up the rate of fire, and mitigate overheating.

Finding Parts

When maintaining your gun, you might eventually find that you need to replace or upgrade some of the parts. Finding new parts is easier than ever with the web, and you can hone in on your favorite brands. If you’re working with SIG Sauer firearms, for example, can find SIG factory parts for sale with the click of a button.

The function of a gun comes down to every little component of its design. To make the best purchasing decisions and ensure you’re getting the most out of your firearm, it helps to understand every little detail.

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