How to clean quartz countertop

How to clean quartz countertop

Quartz countertops are an increasingly popular kitchen and bathroom decoration. Its high value for money and easy installation make it a good option for both professionals and homeowners looking to change the look of their house. Here, we will tell you how to clean quartz countertop.

Steps to clean quartz countertop

How to clean quartz countertop

Follow the steps to clean quartz countertop:

1. The quartz countertop is usually installed on top of the basic structure, which can be composed of ​​plywood or particleboard. You must clean the surface of the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that could later settle on the new finish. Once finished, you can begin to work with water and soap to degrease the surface. Keep reading: Outdoor outlet not working

2. Once cleaned with water and soap, it is time to apply a product designed to help you clean quartz countertop. Products such as TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) or CLR (calcium, lime and rust remover) are normally used for this purpose, although there are specialized products on the market for cleaning quartz countertop.

3. If you do not have access to these products, use regular soap and water mixed with a little ammonia, which is an excellent cleaner for the surface of the cabinet. Apply it on the entire area that will be covered by quartz countertop, particularly in places where there are marks or caustic soda residues.

4. Once the cleaning product has been applied and you’ve waited a few minutes, clean it with water and dry thoroughly with a cloth to avoid leaving spots on the surface of quartz countertop. If signs of dirt or oil still remain, repeat the treatment until achieving total results. Attention: never use any product stronger than those mentioned above because they may damage the quartz countertop.

5. After cleaning, you can apply a layer of finishing product that will help protect the surface of quartz countertop from stains and dirt accumulation. This step is not mandatory but it is highly recommended to keep your countertops in perfect condition for years to come. There are products available on the market designed specifically for this purpose, but you can also use any brand of varnish.

6. Now the quartz countertop is clean and protected with a layer of varnish. It must be allowed to dry before using it again in order to avoid slipping when wetting the surface during future washing. This may take between 5 and 15 hours depending on the product used.

7. Once dry, enjoy your new quartz countertop with a beautiful design that will give life to the kitchen or bathroom of your house!

As you can see, it is not difficult to clean quartz countertop. Once the surface has been covered with varnish, it will be easy to maintain and cleaning will only take a few minutes. It’s time to go buy some soap!