How Much Value Will a Garden Office Add to Your House?

One of the most popular questions asked is: can a garden room add value to a property? And if so, just how much?

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We all like to think that every bit of money we spend on our properties will not only be beneficial to our everyday lives but will also serve to add value to the property itself. We all feel good if we know we are not simply spending money but investing it.

Many people can offer advice regarding how you can add value to your house, from surveyors to estate agents and gardeners. What they will be able to tell you is that there are several things which can be done, besides the general tidying-up and improving of decor, which will significantly improve not only the chances of finding a buyer for your house should you need one but also its value.

Add Space, Add Value

Adding extra living space to your property is one of these. It is considered a key way to add value. The usual ways to do this might include building an extension or expanding into loft space of the house itself. But have you ever considered investing in garden studios? It’s something considerably more glamorous and a lot more useful.

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In terms of adding value, adding an extension or conservatory, converting a garage or investing in a loft conversion will all do the trick. However, perhaps one of the most innovative ideas is to build a space at the end of the garden which can be used for a variety of purposes, depending upon your lifestyle. It will provide you with an extra room which can be used as an office, an annex space for elderly relatives or grown-up children, a spare room for when friends come and stay or even a dance or alternative studio. You will find that garden studio designs can be found here. It will add value too.

Work from Home

So even though you are undoubtedly spending a sizeable sum on the build itself, you are also certainly adding value to your home. In fact, garden rooms of this nature could potentially add between five and 15 per cent to the asking price of your property, especially if the job has been done really well.

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