Choosing the right floor for your rental property

When a rental property is standing empty, the floor will be one of the first things that your potential renter will see. It is extremely important to consider the best possible choices, whether you are doing the floor for a new rental or replacing an old one.

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Contact a flooring professional if you are not confident in your own ability, and keep the following in mind:

Consider each room individually

If you want to choose the best flooring for your apartment, look at each room and its purpose individually. Consider durability and ease of cleaning. Tenants are often put off by carpeting in the bathroom, which is understandable for hygiene and damp reasons. You can’t go wrong with a basic choice of non-slip, easy cleaning tiles in a neutral colour. You can view kitchens in the same way. Take a neutral, stylish and easy to clean approach when choosing something like a natural stone tile for a floor that is bound to have things spilled on it occasionally.

Who will potentially be renting from you?

Renting to a couple or a single person means less wear and tear. You’ll be replacing flooring less often and it leaves you at liberty to spend a bit more on an elegant choice of tile. Renting to a family with young children will most likely lead you to the affordable, durable choice of laminate flooring, vinyl or non slip wooden tiles. These don’t only look great but they are also easy to clean and can withstand spills, artwork and feet of all sizes running up and down all day. A great variety of colours are available from local stores and online, from places such as

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Give your tenants a blanc canvas

Regardless of your own personal style and creativity, it is essential to give your tenant the opportunity to match their decor to your choice of flooring. You basically can’t go wrong with grey laminate flooring, as most colours blend really well with neutrals. This way, you also won’t have to change the flooring too often, as it is unlikely that it will go out of date.

The right choice of flooring can make your apartment more rentable and keep the upkeep to a minimum. Think neutral and durable without compromising on the finished picture.

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