Do not Make These Conference Mistakes

To organize and conduct a conference is no easy task. There is a lot of pressure on you for everything to go as planned and be successful. While learning any skill, mistakes are made, but they give us an opportunity to learn, develop and improve. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Using the same speaker

You have booked a fantastic speaker that went down a storm, but just because they’ve been successful before does not mean that will happen if you go back the same one. If you invite them back, they will talk about the same topics and the same ideas, which will grow stale for returning attendees. You need fresh speakers and new material to keep the content current and engaging. For an Inspirational Speaker UK, visit sites such as

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Ignore technology

Staying on top of current trends and cutting-edge presentation is the key to the success of the conference. You will not inspire confidence in your message if the event feels out of touch. How can you be relevant when you get stuck in the past? Remember your delegates will bring smartphones, tablets and smart watches etc so at least offer free WiFi. It gives them a chance to network, send email and connect with other delegates through social media and LinkedIn, for example.

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Ignoring the need for networking

It’s important to remember that while the presentations and speakers are an important element of an event, it is not the only reason people attend. Many participants will be looking to use the event as an opportunity for some serious networking. Try to include a good time before, during and after the event to allow delegates to mingle, meet and talk.

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