Faster Than the Speed of Light: Closing a Home Sale Quickly

If you are needing to sell your current home quickly and are nervous about glitches ruining future plans, then here are three tips for ensuring your home sale can be done quickly and seamlessly.

Hire a Quality Realtor

While a realtor costs money off the profit of your sale, their skill-set and connections will be well worth the realtor’s fees you will pay when it comes to selling a home quickly. Realtors can meet with you and provide you the best information about the market and what you can expect to sell your home for to get the pricing right the first time. They also can utilize network to help you find the right buyer quicker and realtors often provide great advice on how to prepare your home for showings.

Rent Storage Space

Unless you happen to be a minimalist, chances are you will need to store a lot of your possessions in your home in storage to give your home a clean, minimalist look for showings for buyers. It is important only have essential furniture and some basic, non-personal decorations in each room to allow the buyer room to imagine their belongings and family in your home someday.

Hire Pre-Inspections

Buyer are interested in purchasing a home free from major issues or defects. One of the ways you can prove you are thinking about these potential issues is paying for a pre-sale inspection. This addresses upfront any issues there might be with your home. Another common issue is radon which radon inspections Wilkes-Barre, PA completed ahead of time will help you remedy excess radon in your home or show a future buyer your home is safe.

By hiring a quality realtor, renting storage to de-clutter your home and completing pre-inspections, you will be at the closing of your home quickly and easily.

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