Joji Net Worth, Biography, Internet Celebrity Facts

Joji Net Worth

Joji is a previous YouTube star who utilized the stage to pick up notoriety and predominance through a progression of video content transferred to his channels. Her channels incorporate DizastaMusic, TV Filthy Frank, and Too Damn Filthy. The principal substance of the recordings transferred on her channels ranges from rap melodies, blusters, challenges, abnormal shows, obscene and grimy substance through which she got her epithet: Filthy Frank.

In spite of the fact that it has digressed towards music, accordingly, by decreasing their exercises on YouTube channels, endorsers have kept on entering their channels day by day. Joji as an artist discharged an Extended Play (EP) in 2017 titled In Tongues and a studio collection Baladas 1 out of 2018

Joji – Biography

He was conceived George Miller on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan to Japanese-Australian guardians. He has painstakingly kept up a private and prudent way of life. In this manner keeping in obscurity his subtleties of his family. And individual life alongside the information on his folks and his first long stretches of life. In any case, it is a loosely held bit of information that Joji is of the Japanese-Australian race and has Japanese-Australian nationality.

He was brought up in Japan, where he went to the Canadian Academy, in Kobe, Japan. From which he graduated in the mid-year of 2012. At the point when he turned eighteen out of 2010. He left Japan to go to the United States, where he sought after his vocation as a vlogger.

Right now, there is a solid sign that Joji is an undergrad in Brooklyn, New York because of the video titled Dirty Frank uncovered himself? where he made the disclosure of being an understudy in Brooklyn, New York. The video has for quite some time been downloaded in its endeavor to look after security.

YouTuber career

Joji made his first YouTube channel Dizastamusic on June 15, 2008. The channel has in excess of 895,000 endorsers with in excess of 170 million perspectives on 92 recordings transferred. His first video transferred to the Lil Jon channel tumbles from a table was distributed on June 19, 2008, has recorded in excess of 753,130 perspectives. After the primary video. Joji proceeded to make content dependent on Filthy Frank comedies. And characters that were viewed as YouTube’s enemy of the vlogger.

His subsequent channel is called TVFilthyFrank made on January 22, 2013. And he has gathered around 6.3 million endorsers with more than 881 million perspectives from more than 162 video transfers. Her first video transfer is Welcome to the subsequent channel and it was transferred on February 11, 2013, which has amassed more than 1.2 million perspectives. Joji’s third YouTube channel Too Damn is n’t forgotten about with significant endorsers of in excess of 2,000,000 who have hooked onto in excess of 105 million recordings, despite the fact that the channel appeared on July 1, 2014.

The internet character, notwithstanding, has some time in the past expressed that it would not keep on transferring recordings on channels because of medical issues and profession change. It has quit transferring more recordings on the channels, yet the channels have kept on pulling in more supporters. On account of his honestly sickening Show and the character of Frank.

His musical career

He received a melodic style that is known and considered outing jump and Lo-fi that joins components of trap, people, electronic and R&B. Since his long stretches of Pink Guy music on his YouTube channel. He has consistently demonstrated his melodic ability and made realized his craving to walk that way. Under his satire rap stage name Pink Guy, he dropped a mixtape Pink Boy (2014), a collection titled Pink Season (2017) that appeared at number 70 on the Billboard 200, and an EP titled Pink Season: The Prophecy.

Under the name Joji, he has discharged an EP titled In Tongues (2017) and a studio collection Baladas 1 (2018). His sort of music has been generally welcomed the world over up until this point and will clearly take him to places.

Joji Net worth

In spite of the fact that the sickening Frank nom de plume Joji may have been posting. And making recordings on the web. He definitely made a substantial payment from his specialty as a video blogger. His net worth is assessed to be in the scopes of $ 1.3 million to $ 2 million. A fortune that he earned from his YouTube exercises as a business visionary and performer.

Internet celebrity facts

His family

Joji allegedly lost his folks at a youthful age and was raised by his uncle named Frank. In spite of the fact that his uncle started thinking about him since he was seven years of age, he despite everything alluded to him (uncle) as “more interesting” and “bear man.” One expected that he would be called father or uncle as a result of the job of father that he played in his life. Joji has consistently called him by name, Frank. The subtleties of his natural guardians are not uncovered.

He is an entrepreneur

Notwithstanding vlogging and his present music profession, Joji likewise makes a lot of cash as a business person selling telephone frill, sweatshirts, tank tops, and T-shirts, and other products.

Personal life and participation in social networks

Being a big name opens life to the open examination particularly of the media. The media has had the option to recognize a lady who may be infatuated with Joji, who is in all honesty Lily May Mac, a web-based social networking character. The two have not shown up to explain the status of their relationship, yet have been seen at occasions together. Who knows whether the wedding ringer will ring very soon. We will keep you educated on the off chance that you do.

Author of Francisco de la Inmundicia

He is the writer of the book Francis of Filth that was distributed on September 27, 2017.


Joji is at a decent stature preferred position of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m). While keeping up a decent weight that is at present unrevealed.

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