3 Different Types Of Welding Helmets

On site welding can be a god send for any construction site that has equipment broken down. While these welders can make the difference between equipment operating or not, the type of welding helmet can help them to accomplish their task efficiently and safely. Here are three types of welding helmets that mig welding canyon lake CA welders can use.

Passive Helmets

The passive welding helmet is one of the most basic types of welding helmets available. This helmet does not have any fancy features, but it is still very effective when it comes to mig welding.  It is constructed with tough and sturdy materials and protects the user from UV rays, flying objects, and high heat.

The main advantage to this type of helmet is the low price that is usually associated with it, making it a helmet that any welder can afford.

Auto Darkening Helmet

An auto darketing halmet has a lens that will darken when it detects light. This is very helpful as the welder doesn’t have to manually adjust their lens to compensate for high and low light environments. This can speed up productivity and help welders to be incredibly efficient.

Solar Powered Lens

Many auto darkening helmets have batteries that cannot be replaced. To solve this issue, a solar powered lens fixes this issue by replacing the battery with a solar panel that rests above the lens in most cases. A simple putting of your helmet in the sun during your lunch break can be enough to charge the helmet up before you go back to work.

As you can see, the type of welding helmet that you choose to use can directly affect the comfort and efficiency of the welder. Knowing the different types of helmets that exist can help you to make the right helmet choice.

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