3 Great Reasons To Keep a Printer in Your Home Office

With some companies today going paperless or transitioning to entirely virtual operations, it can be easy to think that having a printer might be an unnecessary expense. However, whether you have documents to be mailed or want hard copies as backup, having a physical printer around is still an essential part of a well-appointed home office and can even have some surprising uses you might not have thought of. To read more about three reasons you should consider getting a printer for your home, read on.

1. Paper Can Be Cheaper Than Software

Even though having a printer means accounting for occasional expenses like plotter repair Herndon VA, using paper and ink is still often cheaper than getting the latest software needed to keep all your documents digital. In some ways, it can also be simpler to stock!

2. You Can Edit Easier

Even though it might be tempting to edit documents on your computer, it’s often easier to spot errors and proofread on a paper copy. With a printer, you can simply create a copy of your document, pull out your trusty old red pen and start scribbling notes.

3. You Can Create DIY Items

Finally, if you have a creative streak and love designing your own labels, napkins and other small items, having a printer could allow you to explore your creativity right from the comfort of home. For instance, you can print off fun labels for household items or decals to support the home team. If you’re throwing a party, you can even save a little money by printing custom gift bags, napkins and even a photo for the cake, depending on the type of printer you have!

While printers might seem like an unnecessary extra office expense, they’re still an indispensible part of any fully stocked home. From printing backup copies of necessary documents to letting your creative streak shine, a printer can have usefulness far beyond printing out basic forms and be a useful addition to your home office.

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