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Tips for choosing a perfect summer look curvy

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If you have some extra kilos do not worry about wear less clothing during the summer, follow these tips to get the perfect summer look.

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If your weight is not ideal and have some extra kilos do not worry about wear less clothing during the summer, only you must achieve balance and stand out to get the perfect summer look.

During the summer light, light clothing and fresh textures, bright colors and prints, soft tan and many other benefits of heat, become the best allies to look perfect look and hide those extra kilos.

Choose monochromatic clothing.

Use neutral colors to stylize the silhouette. You can use prints but avoid them in the areas of greatest visual conflict.

What maxi minimized.

The maxi dresses or maxi skirts are the infallible garments in your wardrobe and are of great help to neutralize body volume.

Use the right size.

Do not worry if the label says L, XL, or XXL. If you wear clothes too big it’ll look a tent, on the other hand, if you use a full size you will make your skin protrude inappropriate places.

Avoid round necklines.

The round neckline favors only women neck long and thin so it is unlikely to be suitable for women extra kilos. He prefers heart necklines, boat or V that will enhance your figure more.

Watch your overall look.

Look after your skin, nails, hair and makeup. These are details that always have to be maintained to highlight your beauty. Hydrate the body and face every day use creams with a touch of color and protect you with a greater factor of 50 for the face and body 30, always wears mascara and lip gloss.