Grapefruit diet: Diet and utility

Nutritionists say that is enough to eat half a grapefruit a day to reduce your weight

Grapefruit diet is used in many dietary regimes power, as it is believed that citrus promote weight loss.

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Nutritionists say that is enough to eat half a grapefruit a day to reduce your weight. Is it so? And what is special in grapefruit?

Grapefruit is most useful

Grapefruit 90% consists of water. At the same time it is rich in vitamin C, D, P, B, iron, calcium, potassium, minerals, pectin and essential oils. Calorie content of this citrus is low, per 100 g of fruit only 38 kcal. We list the important influence on the organism of the regular use of grapefruit:

  • It stimulates the immune system, increases the resistance to viral and infectious diseases;
  • accelerates metabolic processes;
  • It has an antioxidant effect;
  • improves the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • activates the excretion of cholesterol and toxins;
  • peel (skin) is used to cleanse the skin from rashes, for anti-cellulite body wraps;
  • Essential oils of citrus improve focus and concentration, reduce appetite, elevate mood.

Judging by the numerous reviews, a grapefruit diet – is not only useful but also delicious. Of course, peel and peel between slices in citrus have a bitter taste, but if you choose ripe fruit, the pulp is sour-sweet and juicy.

Grapefruit Juice Diet

Did you know that diet of grapefruit juice should be freshly squeezed? It is best if you will extract it using a blender. To do this, take a fresh, ripe, dense citrus, cut it into four pieces, peel, and well squeeze. The juice squeezed so will be most useful.

If you are to prepare a beverage used the juicer with steel cutting blades, keep in mind that during the spin cycle the oxidation process, and the juice to drink all at once, it can not be stored.

Grapefruit juice, sold in stores in packs, is recovered from the concentrate, it is, of course, is a low-calorie, but the nutrients in it hardly maintained. Therefore, it is not recommended to use for dietary nutrition.

Slimming grapefruit juice drink before meals, for about 20-30 minutes before a meal consumed 100 g of the beverage. In cases where there are diseases of the digestive tract accompanied by increased acidity in man, it is recommended to drink juice after 15 minutes after he ate. Also consume grapefruit juice between meals when hunger attacks.

Grapefruit diet

All reviews about grapefruit diet positive and unanimous in the view that dietary regimes on the basis of the power of this delicious citrus, not hungry, and at the same time effective. Grapefruit diet is to reduce daily servings eaten in smaller meals and daily use of this fruit. Developed around a dozen diet menu with the citrus, but the most popular of them – it is a diet Magee, we will consider it. The main products of this diet – eggs and grapefruit, duration – one week, the expected reduction in weight – 5-7 kg.

Throughout the diet is used for breakfast: one grapefruit, two boiled eggs, a cup of black or green tea without sugar.

Lunch is more diverse, it may consist of: two eggs and one grapefruit, stewed or fresh vegetables, fruit salad, boiled chicken and grapefruit.

On the dinner menu offers the following courses: boiled lean meat and vegetable salad, two boiled eggs and low-fat cottage cheese, boiled fish with vegetables and toast, grapefruit and boiled chicken. For more health tips visit

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