The Home Styles for 2021

As we are spending so much time at home at the moment, 2021 is a good year to make the most of your home. Updating your home is something that you can do whilst you are spending so much time inside, and it may be something that you have been putting off for a while now!

So, what are the big home trends for 2021 that will have your home looking up to date and feeling great this year?

Cottage Chic – In a departure from the years of minimalism that we have seen in recent years, the country cottage style invokes a feeling of comfort and homeliness that we all hanker after. Enjoy cosy knits and styles that your grandmother would love! Add features like a ceiling rose to your room – click here for ceiling roses that will add a perfect statement to your ceiling.

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Dark Tones – As well as departing from minimalism we are also seeing a departure from all the various shades of white that have been dominating interiors for so long. More and more people are coming to the dark side and enjoying dark and luxurious hues on walls, as well as on kitchen units adding interest and drama to the room.

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Sea Style – If you are missing days spent by the sea this is the look for you – earthy neutrals and blue hues create a relaxing and comfortable room, and it is an easy style to create in your home. Blue is known to be a calming colour so if you are feeling stressed this is a great colour to choose!

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