A few things about Billy Connolly.

One of the best loved and well known comedians from the British isles is Billy Connolly. As regular on our screens since the 1970’s “The Big Yin” has grown from the young Glasgow shipyard worker internationally acclaimed big hall concert performer and Hollywood movie star. To see the big man’s many films, tv shows and stand up performances you’ll need a decent reception on your TV. This TV Aerial Installation Swansea based company can help with that. One Vision Tv Aerials will provide you with any solutions that you need.

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Connolly was born in 1942 in one of the poorest tenements of Glasgow. It was a three roomed apartment with no hot water. The family were forced to have a bath in the large kitchen sink. His parents were young.  When his Father was away serving in Burma his Mother left him and sisters. Connolly is philosophical about this. He points out that at the time his Mother was faced with living in a slum that was under attack by German Bombers at night with 3 young children. She left to “survive”. He and his siblings were then raised by 2 Aunts. This was not a happy time for either he or his sister. The Aunts resented the two young children and belittled them constantly. Connolly reflects that he would have been better off in a Children’s home. Whilst his Aunts showed strength at the beginning to take them in as they did they then made the next 20 years unpleasant.

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This adversity has helped to shape his observational comedy outlook showing how people cope and react to things in the most diverse ways.

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