Did Saint Patrick get rid of the Snakes?

There are many theories out there about the origin of Saint Patrick and some of them are very reasonable while others are not. For example one popular theory says that because the Vikings were coming to Ireland at the time that the legend of St. Patrick began, the snakes that were attacking and killing innocent people came from Vikings or even were the Vikings themselves. Others have said that the snake’s reference relates to the followers of the pagan faiths originally in the country. Patrick “banished” them and brought much in the way of ST Patrick’s Day Gifts.

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Snakes have always been associated with St. Patrick and the celebration of his day so perhaps this is why the snakes came to be referred to so much in relation to him. To become a saint you must perform a miracle and this certainly fits the bill. The fact that there were no actual snakes in Ireland before his coming is totally inconsequential!

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In modern times, the St. Patrick’s Day festival still holds significance across the world. Many Christians celebrate the Saint’s Day on the 17th of March with parades and other similar activities. Many people wear green in honor of St. Patrick. Perhaps the reason that snakes were associated with St. Patrick was to remind people that they too could defeat evil with wisdom and God’s power. ST Patricks Day Gifts by Shamrock Gift are an excellent way of celebrating.


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