How to Make Basic Clinical Observations

If you are new to nursing, you may be wondering how to make basic clinical observations. Here are a few tips. Make sure to keep notes on your observations, and make sure you keep an accurate time record. When conducting an observation, observe the patient without interrupting them too much and without being too intrusive. It helps to imagine yourself in their shoes.

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During your clinical observations, it is important to be able to accurately assess a patient’s condition. It’s important to make accurate observations to ensure safety. To learn more, consider the benefits of Clinical Training Courses at a site such as which outlines the biological basis for the different clinical observations and how to use them to make better decisions. By understanding how to make accurate observations, you can help patients and improve the quality and consistency of care.

When carrying out an observation, it’s important to make sure you plan everything out. Think about what you’ll be looking for. Don’t prejudge what you’ll find! After you’ve brainstormed what to look for, write the observation down. Make sure you record the most crucial information on your observation sheet. This way, you can use it to make improvements or ask for additional help as needed. You should also get advice from your clinical colleagues if you’re not sure about the results of any of your observations.

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Before beginning, it’s essential to have the equipment you’ll need to hand. Basic observations will include looking for things like oxygen saturation, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure measurements.

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