Looking for a quirky, unusual, and unique venue for your wedding.

Not every couple wants a traditional wedding day, where they say their vows in a quaint, old church with stained glass windows and with their family and friends looking on from rows of hard, wooden pews. Nowadays it’s more about being unique and different, a venue that stands out from the crowd and something to remember for the rest of their lives together. Maybe a treehouse in a forest somewhere, the local Zoo perhaps, a stunning windmill on the hill, or a beautiful Kent Barn Wedding.  Search for somewhere different for your wedding at sites such as theploughatleigh.com/barn-wedding-venue-kent

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When you are looking for somewhere that fits your personalities as a couple, then maybe make it personal to you.  If you both enjoy going to see live performances at a theatre, then why not get married at one?  With a centre stage for you and your wedding party and plenty of seating for all your guests it could be the ideal venue for you. If you prefer being outdoors and both of you enjoy a glass or two of fine wine, then why not get hitched in a vineyard?

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If you’re a couple that enjoys a casual lifestyle and want a more rustic, natural, back to nature feel for your wedding, then what about a Yurt?  The location would be remote, wild, fun, and unique.  The decision is yours, wherever you choose, have a fabulous day, and make remarkable memories that will last you a lifetime.

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