How to Protect Your Garage Door From Weather

Garages are notoriously infested with insects. Rodents use garages as a place to nest and seek food in the winter, and they can also cause a lot of damage to your car or house by eating wiring and other material. It’s important to protect your garage door from these pesky freeloaders by installing a weather seal that’s as tight as possible. A tight weather seal will keep out water and protect your car from the elements, and will make your garage free from pests.

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Before a storm hits, homeowners should close all windows and doors. Garage doors are no exception. If left unprotected, gaps can allow strong winds to blow debris into your garage. To prevent this, install metal braces on the door. These braces will help keep the garage door in shape, preventing damage caused by wind. Adding these braces to your garage door will also keep out water as well as thieves.

Regularly check the seal around the garage door. Over time, it may wear down or tear due to the constant opening and closing of the garage door onto the cement floor. Even if the garage door has a weather seal, the harsh weather conditions can damage it. It’s a good idea to wax your garage door before the cold season starts. By preparing your garage for the cold, you can lower your utility bills. For Garage Door Repair Harpenden, go to

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After every season, homeowners can keep it in good condition by performing simple maintenance. A homeowner can check for loose screws or tighten the tracks. A good rule of thumb is to grease moving parts once a year. The same goes for the springs. Keeping them clean is important for smooth operation. The springs, rollers, and hinges all need lubrication. They may pick up dirt and debris during the opening and closing process.

Another important maintenance step is replacing the weather seal. It’s made of vinyl or rubber and goes around the bottom, sides, and top of the garage door. Weatherstripping helps prevent air and water leaks and ensures your garage is protected from the elements. Depending on the fit of your garage door, you may have gaps that are the size of a hand, but they are small enough to allow rain and snow to enter the garage and seep into living areas.

When choosing the perfect garage door for your home, make sure that the product is hurricane-rated. Ask a garage door expert for the appropriate rating. A hurricane-rated garage door is durable enough to withstand dangerous hurricanes as well as daily wear and tear. Hurricane-rated doors are made of top-quality materials and paint that won’t peel or warp even during hot weather.


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