Summer Car Care

As summer arrives, we tend to look forward to trips out to the beach or for a picnic in the countryside, or away for a week or two on holiday. This means that it is likely that you are going to be using your car, and in addition to getting the necessary MOT done by a professional like this MOT Gloucester based company it is important to prepare your car for your summer travels to make sure that it is safe and comfortable and to reduce the risk of a breakdown.

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Check the Battery

Although car batteries can suffer in the low winter temperatures, the heat in the summer can also be a problem for batteries. In fact, battery failure is one of the most common vehicle breakdown causes, so make sure that you are not one of these by getting your battery checked before you head out on a big summer adventure.

Regas the Aircon and Change the Pollen Filters

Now ensure that your air conditioning and pollen filters are working properly. This keeps the car temperature at a comfortable level even on scorching hot days and also means that hay fever sufferers are not going to be bombarded with allergens when you make your way around the country lanes!

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Check Tyres – When the heat rises so does the air pressure in your tyres which makes a blowout or a puncture much more likely. Look for signs of wear that can be caused by overinflated tyres and make sure that your tyres are not inflated above the recommended level.

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