What is the role of a data analyst?

In modern businesses, data management is a huge function that can derive significant value for the organisation. Data collection, evaluation, management, analysis, interpretation, and reporting are the foundation of all management decision-making, with the businesses that invest in data most heavily tending to achieve the best results. Data is a hugely important topic for modern organisations working hard to stay ahead of the data curve to ensure they remain competitive and successful.

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Why does data matter?

A strong approach to data management can help a business to be more efficient, competitive, compliant, and successful, regardless of whether it is a profit-making or non-profit enterprise.

Who analyses data in a business?

Data analysis is a specialist function that is usually delivered by a team. Depending on the size and complexity of the business, a data analysis company might also be the chosen route. An outsourced data analysis company provides instant access to high-level specialist skills on a flexible and as-needed basis; what’s more, it can provide access to data consultancy, strategic advice, and specialist tools. This is often a preferred route for businesses, as the outsourcing model offers faster and more affordable access to data resources and skills than the prospect of hiring an in-house team.

What does a data analyst do?

A data analyst works to manage the data within a company and follow the complex processes and methodologies needed to conduct robust data analysis. The analyst might work on a certain function of a broad data management process; alternatively, they might be responsible for an end-to-end data strategy within a smaller business. This is a specialist role that requires a high degree of technical knowledge and analytical expertise in addition to the ability to work with technology and cutting-edge systems to transform raw data into usable information.

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Data as a growth function

The need for data analysts is growing all the time and demand for these skill sets is higher than ever. This makes it a fantastic career choice for anyone interested in working with numbers and technology.

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