Are you making any of these fashion mistakes

There are so many ways men can make a style error and it is not that simple for women either.  Read on to discover the greatest faux pas in men’s wear, from mismatching styles to incorrect tie thickness.

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Improper length of tie

Your tie should reach your belt area on the trousers that you are wearing, anything shorter or longer can either look childish or like you don’t know how to wear a tie and you certainly don’t want to be tucking it into your trousers. You should also make sure that your tie goes with the shirt that you have chosen and if you are looking for style inspiration then take a look at XV Kings Menswear where you will find a whole selection of clothing items.

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Ties with short sleeved shirts

In men’s apparel, sporting short sleeves with a tie is a major no-no. This informal and formal combination does not look good. You should steer clear, unless it’s a work outfit that is mandatory for you to be wearing. If it is warm enough that you are switching to short sleeves then it is warm enough for you to be going without a tie. .

Badly-fitting clothes

Clothes can perfectly match your body size. Well-fitted clothes are always flattering, although you can look messy in something too large or too small and it is important that you look at clothes styles, colours and patterns that flatter your body shape.

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