Top 3 Qualities of Great Transcription Services

Many organizations or individuals require transcriptions of interviews, speeches and other conversations for various reasons. They often do not have the time or expertise to put this audio into writing, so they rely on professional transcription services Cumming GA for the task. There are many professionals who offer these services, but clients only select those who display the best qualities for the job.

1. Knowledgeable

The ideal transcriptionists have years of experience working with numerous industries. They know all sorts of terminology and jargon, so they have no issue writing it out as they listen to it. They also understand other languages, accents and dialects, so they will transcribe them accurately as instructed. If they lack the necessary information for a specific project, they can conduct quick research that will help them find the right context and craft a strong transcript.

2. Fast and Accurate

Some of the material requested by clients might be time-sensitive, so they request a transcription to be due in mere hours. The best transcription services meet tight deadlines by hiring typists who can work under pressure. These skilled professionals also balance this speed with accuracy, impeccable grammar and punctuation. The latter skills are best performed carefully and slowly, so only the best transcriptionists can meet these standards under short notice.

3. Confidential

Certain clients need transcriptions for materials that require an NDA such as an upcoming project’s announcement, an individual’s medical information or court testimony. Due to the delicate nature of these topics, the transcription service they hire must have a strong dedication toward customer privacy. They must keep these projects a secret to protect their clients from legal repercussions. Many transcription companies require employees to sign NDAs before being hired.

Transcription is an important skill that requires knowledge, speed, accuracy and confidentiality. Anyone looking for the best service around should seek companies that value these specific skills.

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