How to clean a fan?

How to clean a fan

One of the most useful devices in summer needs to be cleaned regularly and especially after having taken rest and therefore dust throughout the winter. The fan it up, portable or ceiling also accumulates dirt and dust during its use.

If you don’t want to receive dusty fresh air every time you turn it on, here are our tips and tricks for proper cleaning!

Clean a ceiling fanHow to clean a fan

It is important to clean it regularly as the accumulated dirt can cause the propeller to wobble. Discover the Diy concrete pool

There are several methods of cleaning this type of fan. The most classic consists of  :

Get on a stepladder to be at the right height

With a damp cloth or sponge and with Marseille soap, clean each blade, one after the other

Wipe each blade well with a soft, dry cloth

Our tip: never lean on a blade while cleaning. You risk upsetting its mechanism and its balance.

Another way to clean your ceiling fan is to use an old pillowcase. You put the pillowcase so that the blade is inside and you bring the pillowcase towards you. Dust will not fall to the ground like this!

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Clean a pedestal or portable fanHow to clean a fan

Your fan has surely gathered dust during the winter and it’s time to give it a new lease of life. Don’t just turn it off but unplug it. Improper handling and you can turn it on while cleaning if you haven’t unplugged it.

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You must then remove the grid by unscrewing it with a screwdriver or depending on the model, manually pop off the fixing clips. If the blades are very dusty, you can vacuum them with a small furniture brush as a nozzle.

If the blades are very dirty, wash them with a sponge, lukewarm water, and Marseille soap. Then wipe well with a soft cloth. You just have to put the grid back in place!

Our tip: If your fan blades are very dusty, you can use nylon stockings. The latter has the quality of easily capturing dust.

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Other tips

For places that are not very inaccessible (many for fans) you can use a brush with long hard bristles to remove dust.

You can also use a duster to dust off the blades. You can apply our trick by wrapping it in old nylon stockings.

Also, remember to clean the base of your fan from time to time. When you store it during the winter, either put it in its original box or wrap it with an old sheet. It will pick up less dust and cleaning will be faster as soon as you take it out again.