Lovin’ Summer

With summer just behind us, all we can do is eagerly await the next one! It’s easy to miss the sunshine during the darkest months of winter. As spring approaches, certain things can start to trigger our memories and remind us of the warmer months that lie ahead. Freshly cut grass, birdsong, or a tune carried by the wind are all things we love about summer. Here are a few things that we love about the summer:

Summer days are longer: We all stay up later because there is so much to do even though it’s still daylight at 10pm. The summer school holidays allow the children to stay up longer and have more exciting days.

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Beach Trips: Paddling in a chilly ocean, building sandcastles and eating ice-cream, stopping the seagulls from stealing your chips are all part of an enjoyable seaside trip or holiday. Childhood memories include sand shoes, sun lotion and a trip to the pier. A trip to the beach is always fun, no matter your age.

The Ice Cream Man: You can tell that the weather is going to be good when you hear his familiar van jingling as it approaches your street. Choose from a 99, Screwball, Fruit Lolly, or Ice Cream Sandwich!

Summer Fetes: Every village and town in the country will have a fête or two. In case of bad weather, the marquee will be crowded with a tombola, dog shows, beer tents, and cake stalls. When you need Marquee Hire Gloucester, consider goodintents.co.uk/marquee-hire-near-me/marquee-hire-gloucester

Barbecues: It’s time for Dad to get the charcoal and tongs out and start cooking. The smell of sizzling beef wafting in the warm wind is enough to make you hungry.

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Festivals: Summertime is the perfect time to pack our wellies, head out to English fields and enjoy live music. Glastonbury is the most famous. Enjoy the relaxed vibes and music from around the world, as well as the side shows and artists.

Open Air Pools: If you live near an open-air or lido pool, you will be looking forward to the warmer months when the season opens. You and the other people in your 30-mile radius will want to cool down with a splash, so get there early.

Rubbish TV: We don’t like the idea of watching nothing on TV, but during the summer we are all out enjoying ourselves too much to sit in front of a TV. All the best shows start in autumn, when everyone is back indoors. You may as well turn off the TV until September, except for Wimbledon!

Hi, I am Donald Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life.