Holidays in Egypt

Holidays in Egypt – one of the most popular among tourists from different countries. Pharaohs Homeland gives its guests the azure depths of the Mediterranean Sea, rich underwater world of the east coast, therapeutic sands Safaga, a beautiful oasis in the desert, the unique Valley of the Nile River, the world’s oldest monuments of architecture and culture, museums with the best collections, national cuisine, entertainment for all tastes and a unique flavor of eastern cities. All this diversity combined with a perpetual summer, the absence of visa requirements, reasonable prices and decent service, and creates an alluring image of the sunny country.


Where to rest

First of all, Egypt – a holiday at numerous beaches on the north and east coast, washed by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, respectively. Egyptian resorts attract huge number of tourists, the blessing, that there is plenty to choose from. Usually the choice is made in favor of the hotel, located on the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea coast. The most famous destinations – Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Holidays in Egypt with children

Families with children and the elderly to Hurghada, as beaches here, in contrast to the bays of Sharm el-Sheikh, the sand not only on the coast but also in the coastal area, boat ramp sloping, the price of travel services below. Nevertheless, new hotels in Hurghada, open after the adoption of the law on the protection of the Red Sea flora and fauna, will be able to offer only coral beaches where bathing is possible only in the presence of bridges, pontoons and special shoes.


For coral reefs, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, underwater fishing and other water sports pleasures is better to go to Sharm el-Sheikh. Most of the beaches here are the coral, but in some bays and individual hotels can be found as the sand on the beach and in the sea. Holidays in this part of Egypt is much more expensive. Many hotels are the owners of their own coral reefs, nature reserves, the possibility of a visit which is in any living, enough to rent a mask and snorkel.

Excursions on vacation

If relaxing on the shore of the Red Sea, it would be desirable to supplement the excursion program, it is easy to do by buying a ticket at the receiving side, or on the street. There are two types of tours: the first – the sea, the second – a trip for sightseeing. Visit the unique Coral Reef in El Gouna, on a boat trip with a glass bottom, the journey to the island of Utopia and m – a summary of the proposed marine entertainment. You can also take part in the trip by jeep in the desert or visit the capital of Egypt, Cairo – it is “ground” tour.

Mediterranean, much less becomes the object of tourist pilgrimage. On the northern coast of the rest mostly Egyptians themselves. Among the resort towns greatest demand Alexandria, combines the advantages of a Mediterranean resort with an Egyptian flavor and a rich historical heritage.

What and how to look

Egypt – the cradle of the world civilization. Many monuments of architecture and culture in the country included in the list of the famous Seven Wonders of the World. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, considered one of the best museums in the world of antiquity. National treasure Egypt is truly enormous, and view it in a short time is not possible. Nevertheless, there is one way to fairly complete acquaintance with the historical heritage of the country of the Pharaohs – a trip along the river Nile with a tour of the major cities in the Nile Valley.

In the case of holiday on the coast, the best way to expand the impression of the country – go on a one- or two-day excursion in Cairo , Alexandria, Luxor .. Etc. The cost of the tour package will include both entrance fees and meals. Among the obligatory sightseeing appear Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx in the suburbs of Cairo, the famous Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens in Luxor and Abu Simbel.

No less interesting tour of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Inspection of this, not less interesting sights, can be carried out in two ways: with a tube and a mask or using special equipment. The first method available to almost anyone. In order to dive to great depths require instructor. Some of the most beautiful dive sites can be found in the national reserve of Ras Mohammed in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Climate of Egypt or when to go

Egypt is open for visitors all year round. The temperature in the Red Sea does not fall below 20 degrees. Winter and early spring is the most unfavorable time for a beach holiday. From the sea, the cold wind blows. And if during the day you can still sunbathe, the evening will have to wear a jacket. The Egyptian summer is not intended for those who are planning an extensive tour program. The best time for sightseeing is from mid-autumn to April.

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