The great myths of eggs

How many eggs should be taken per week? Are they better raw or cooked? Is it better to take only the yolk? Are white eggs healthier than brown eggs. Expertise for health and nutrition ,  it addresses all matters relating to the eggs and their relation to cholesterol .


“Cholesterol is a fatty substance naturally present in every cell in the human body, necessary for normal functioning of the body. Most of the cholesterol is produced in the liver and the blood takes it to the rest of the organs that need it “, explains the expert.

Cholesterol is needed for:

  • Intervenes in the formation of bile acids, vital for the digestion of fats
  • Sun’s rays transform cholesterol into vitamin D
  • They are very important to protect the skin from chemical agents
  • Avoid dehydration
  • From it certain hormones are formed, such as the sexes and the thyroid

There are 2 types of cholesterol:

  1. LDL transports the newly produced every cell in our body cholesterol. It is called bad because “usually deposited on the wall of the arteries and builds up gradually feared atherosclerotic plaques, which obstuyen”.
  2. HDL is good because it “picks up cholesterol not used by the body and return it to the liver for excretion storage or abroad through bile.”

Expertise explains that “a balance between the two cholesterol” is necessary because if there is too much cholesterol in the blood and is deposited in the arterial wall can lead “to the dreaded atherosclerosis.”

“The cholesterol is the high level of blood cholesterol and often produces no symptoms or physical signs, so diagnosis should only be made through a blood test, so it is recommended to check a year”, clarifies.


Nutrition expert says the egg “is a food rich in cholesterol, especially the yolk , ” but ensures that studies indicate that other factors such as “sedentary or overweight have so much influence or more on cholesterol The egg ingestion itself “.

Expertise states that although a person has high cholesterol, in the nutritional consultation they do not prohibit him to eat it, but he does “moderate consumption”. A healthy diet can include eggs until 3 or 4 times preferably boiled and not fried week.

“The clear is richer in protein and egg richest in cholesterol, but there is no reason to eat only clear as the yolk contains other nutrients that are important for a balanced diet” sentence.

Myths of eggs

  • The egg does not damage the liver”is a myth that is not based on a scientific nor are there studies that show evidence”.
  • Slimline consume eggs  There are studies that conclude that consuming them at breakfast is a great nutritional contribution and gives greater satiety, so it controls hunger and that favors the reduction of body weight. “Scientists suspect that the crucial compound is the quality of the protein it possesses. People who daily consume eggs have lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that gives a sense of satiety in the brain. “
  • NOT eat raw eggs than cooked. “It is a false myth because the raw eggs are less digested, only 50% is absorbed and this happens because the clear liquid resists the action of digestive juices and on the contrary, when cooked the protein coagulates and digests much better , Up to 92% “,
  • Brown eggs do NOT contain more nutrients than whites. The variety of color simply depends on the breed of the hens, the white plumage lay white eggs and the brown plumage lay the brown eggs. “In Spain almost 80% prefer brown, but there are no differences in quality or nutritional level,” says the expert
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