whatsapp beta for business accounts verification

The well-known instant messaging application, WhatsApp, which is currently being used as a communication channel in companies around the world and among employees, works to ensure the verification of business accounts.


WhatsApp wants to reach the business world (as a formal corporate communication solution), but many experts say that it is only a strategy to capture more information. This well-known instant messaging app, which is part of the Facebook titan consortium, is working to allow what would be the verification of business profiles.

This account verification comes in the trial version of the Android operating system (2.17.1), this trial version has had access to the famous Twitter news account of Android WABetaInfo , which is mainly known for its interesting developments and news About future features of the Android platform.

At the moment it is totally unknown if this feature will finally reach the final version of the App, as well as the moment when it will be released in such case. And it is rumored that this function can also reach the iOS operating system.

The main idea of ​​this WhatsApp strategy is to continue with the formula imposed on social networks such as Twitter, incorporating a badge (of some color) and guaranteeing users that it is about A professional and verified profile.

This new feature of the instant messaging App comes to collation of the popularization of the Mass as a channel of communication between companies and their customers in a direct way, solving in this way doubts and offer details of their products.

So in this way, WhatsApp can guarantee to its users that they come in contact with an official corporate account and not with a possible impostor or swindler. In the last year, the App has taken very but very important steps to approach the corporate world, mainly with the incorporation of a system of end-to-end encryption or that would be the exchange of files in various formats among users.

No sweat WhatsApp is the most used communication tool in the whole world, whether for entertainment or corporate purposes, in fact, there are many who say that they are already lacking for the famous and much-loved SMS (text messages ) Are replaced by WhatsApp messages.

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