Best 5 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

Without a doubt Dropbox is the most popular and popular cloud file storage application in the world, through which you can have perfect synchronization of files between all your personal devices, be it a PC, laptop or a smartphone. However, Dropbox is not perfect software and many times we need to look for other similar software. Today we bring you the best alternatives to Dropbox.

All the digital files you always need at hand in one place and on multiple devices, this is the main reason why many of us are using Dropbox, which has become a working tool, since it also allows you to work In collaboration with work teams through the use of shared folders in the cloud and offering versioning of files in their paid accounts.

Top 5 Alternatives to Dropbox

But Dropbox is not everything, since there are multiple alternatives for those looking to get out of the pattern, that’s why we bring you this top 5 of best alternatives to Dropbox:

1. Box

It is a service that has been in the market for a few years and has high experience, so much so that it offers up to 10GB of free cloud storage. With the only restriction that in the free plan, files that are uploaded can not exceed 250MB of weight. Box, one of the most serious alternatives to Dropbox

2. OneDrive

It is the storage service of nothing more and nothing less than the company Microsoft, which is a pioneer in the world of computing, the service in question offers totally free 7GB storage, with the only limitation in the size of files That are uploaded, which can not exceed 2GB.

3. SugarSync

This interesting cloud storage service is a strong alternative to Dropbox, and although at the moment it is only possible to use the free version for only one month with 5GB, then you will be asked to purchase a subscription to some of its plans, which go From 60Gb to 100Gb respectively.

 4. Google Drive

This storage service of the famous Google company, recently received a very important reduction in all prices, now offering about 100GB in the cloud for only $ 2 dollars, and thanks to the added value of the multiple satellite applications that Surround, makes it a very excellent alternative for cloud storage.

 5.Amazon Cloud Drive

It is very likely that you did not know Amazon Cloud Drive, which offers with a free plan of about 5GB of storage and backed by the very stable Amazon platform.

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