Top 5 gadgets for the holidays

Now you can have a similar vision Terminator and Robocop, or an umbrella that will tell if it will rain, or better yet, an alarm clock that announces the time to wake up to the smell of a tasty coffee.

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Maybe you think this is a science fiction movie. But is not. They are characteristic of new technology products that can now buy online today and bring them to your next vacation.

1. Pet Collar with GPS and camera – Motorola SCOUT5000

This innovative necklace, developed by the company Motorola, to give peace of mind knowing at all times where your pet are. With a high-definition camera you can watch live from your phone, computer or smart TV, what your pet is watching your pet. The integrated GPS allows you to know the exact location of the pet. All this is for a price of $ 250 dollars.

 2. Kube. The Magic icebox

This peculiar metal bucket, which seems taken from “2001: A Space Odyssey” is a sound system that connects to any device or player virtually wirelessly, and is capable of reaching 125 decibels to entertain something as well as over a hundred people. Besides this, it is also a cooler. It can be purchased for about $ 1,100 dollars.

3. Alarm Clock sensory – Sensorwake

The gadget is developed by Google and the company Kickstarter, this sensory alarm was designed to wake people up in a rather gentle way, without rings or loud music, but through smell. The ingenious device allows you to choose the scent you smell want to be awakened. In its official website, the Sensorwake is offered for $ 99.

4. Varia Vision Garmin

This device, which attaches to your sports glasses, gives the rider the chance to meet real-time information about your route, your physical performance, as well as directions and traffic. Evita also the rider set his sights on electronic devices in the bicycle frame, keeping the vision on the road. The price for this one is $ 399 dollars on its website.

5. Smart umbrella – Oombrella

The smart umbrella is a reality. Which was developed by the company Kickstarter, the Oombrella is practically a portable weather station, which informs users through an app on the phone, on weather conditions. Its commercial launch will be soon.

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