10 ways to cheer up after a sleepless night

The most important things to be done in the morning, because the lack of sleep after the evening of the energy supply will dry up

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Find the reason for sleepless nights away: a crying baby, noisy neighbors and the new season of the series favorite, unexpected gatherings with friends. Whatever it was, the morning going to work has not been canceled, because to remember how to maintain vitality for the next day.

1.Do not delay awakening

Fragmented sleep and wake-up delay for another five minute does not make you rested and fresh. This is true for all the morning because the body begins to prepare for waking advance, sleep becomes a fast phase, and the brain receives dopamine, which gives you a charge of vivacity for lifting. Plunging into slumber, you knock down the brain confused, and he is preparing again to dive into the deep sleep phase. As a result, you will only feel more tired and irritable, and will power, which today need to take care especially, spend on a useless struggle with a cozy pillow and blanket.

2. Be careful with coffee

The second temptation with which the person faces after a sleepless night – immediately drink a liter of strong coffee. Although the daily rate of caffeine – 400 mg (about 4 cups of coffee), but it should be remembered that the refreshing drink can cause you headaches, heart palpitations or even panic. In order not to harm the health, try to drink one cup in the morning 10-11, the second – in the afternoon, and after dinner go to decaf or green tea (it also invigorates). Also, caffeine is a fairly long removed from the body, because if this night you still plan to catch up on sleep, drink coffee in the evening.

3. Think positively

Do not underestimate the power of positive thinking. Yes, you do not get enough sleep. No, it’s not a disaster, and you do not have to turn into a melancholic whining. Focus on everyday problems, try not to think about the spoiled vacation and do not blame yourself for the mistakes committed in the day. Self-flagellation can lead to negative associations, and only them the strength to spoil your working days after each sleepless night in the future.

4. Make the most important things in the morning

You think for dinner or evening you still shake? Not reassuring him: energy supply will slowly but surely run out. Your best time is the first three hours after awakening. Try to keep within this period with important official tasks, and the remainder of the day is routine.

5. Sit up straight

Surprisingly, proud posture really helps to keep vitality throughout the day. In 2012, US researchers tested 110 college students, making them look a bit like hunched shoulders and lowered head. Assess their condition before and after the experiment, psychologists found a decrease in vigor and self-confidence by a few points.

6. Hold the phone in the bag

Now your attention is weakened and out of focus, and the phone – a powerful distraction that will pull the remnants of energy: it seems to you that you looked through Instagram just a couple of minutes, but in fact it’s been half an hour. Do not want to labor productivity has fallen too low? Take the phone out of sight and on time, forget about its existence.

7. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is sending a powerful signal to the brain that it is time to wake up, because the meal is inextricably linked with our internal clock. The better you eat early in the day, the more energy can be saved. For breakfast, choose protein foods and complex carbohydrates, and that’s by donuts, French fries and a hamburger is better to refuse. A heavy meal will make you even more sluggish as fat and simple carbohydrates require more energy for processing.

8. Take a walk in the sun

In one study, 2012 artificial light due to the deterioration of labor productivity, sleepiness and decreased cognitive function. Indeed, cold light lamps in the office cause us to lose the sense of time and annoying. But the longer you are outside on a sunny day, the weaker it becomes a devastating effect sleepless night. Give thanks for that vitamin D, which is produced under the influence of ultraviolet rays, stabilizes blood sugar levels and normalizes mood.

9. Make yourself a little move

Easy workout much better cope with fatigue, sluggish than sitting in a chair – tested by thousands of fans of a healthy lifestyle, which courageously visited the gym after work. We urge you not to lift weights or to organize a marathon, but charging will improve blood circulation, attention and mood.

10. Take a nap, if possible

If it will not cost you a job, select the 10-20 minutes to dining siesta. Take a nap in the back seat of the car, on the couch or at the table – and you will be surprised how quickly will improve your cognitive abilities. But be careful to doze, not more than 30 minutes, otherwise you feel even worse than before the holiday. Also discard the short sleep after work

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