The Advantages of a Laptop Over a PC

Laptops are computers you can carry and are just the right size to be carried inside a bag or briefcase and used on the go by students or business professionals. A laptop features an integral keyboard and mouse and is able to connect to a wireless internet connection. It also has internal storage capacity for storing files and data.

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Laptops enjoy many benefits over PCs such as portability and battery longevity. For jobs that require high processing power, a desktop PC is preferable, however, laptops today are able to carry out almost all the same duties whilst taking up less space and being cheaper. For a range of Refurbished Laptops, contact a site like

Although laptops have more limited options for expansion compared to desktop computers, manufacturers continue to improve their hardware capabilities and add features that are attractive to consumers. A modern laptop features a high-resolution screen and has a larger capacity for RAM, running multiple applications at once.

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The cons of owning a laptop include the fact that batteries in laptops are usually smaller and less powerful than desktop batteries. This sometimes means a reduced battery life and a device that needs regular charging. Additionally, most laptops do not have enough ports for adding extra monitors or other peripheral devices. If these features are important to you, you might be better off with a desktop PC. However, these do take up considerable space.

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