Streaming videos reach Whatsapp

Currently, the fashion of live broadcasts or simply called streaming are becoming more common. For example, allows its users to make streaming videos, playing a game, some game they like or other activities that they face a camera. You tube is another, which for some years already entered the fashion of streaming and now some of the most important events in the world of software can be viewed live via the website videos most famous in the world.


The point is that streaming streams are already a very common fad, and there are even in 4K resolution, which can make even better the experience of these transmissions. What is worth mentioning now is that the Whatsapp team have opted to do “something similar” with the application and this kind of videos.

What they have done is to enable a small test option within their updates updates. The beta version of streaming videos will allow us, being those that disable the automatic option to download videos, does a “live” visualization of the video while it is downloading.

Of course, this happens to give us the opportunity to save what would be time, data and space on the device. Since as we have the opportunity to see the development of the video before it is finished downloading, so we may be able to decide if we are interested in finishing downloading it.

Whether we like it or not, whether we have already seen it or not, this is to make us see if we want or need to download the video. Because during the download we can also cancel the same, and show us how much has been downloaded from the video, and if we press the play button the download will resume.

Just like almost every update seeks to take advantage of the user’s need to save time and resources, working the same for individual chats as groups. You should only have the option of automatic download of videos disabled, so that you have the opportunity to experience the beta streaming of Whatsapp.

This plus the inclusion of video calls, which came in an update of in previous weeks, are features that were missing and now bring out Whatsapp, again, about other instant messaging applications.

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