5 tips to keep the color of your black clothes

Most women have more than one garment of black color ,and we know that maintaining the color is quite tough. Today we give you 5 tips for the color of your black garments continues for much longer.


Using white vinegar, do not expose it to high temperatures, among other things, will make your black garments be retained for much longer.

1. Wash your clothes only when necessary

Many women lack of time or too lazy to put them back into the closet in the dirty clothes basket is not necessary to take them as such because they can really use them again without subjecting it to washing. Remember that the fibers of the clothes are worn in each wash, and this makes the color of your clothes go quickly.

2. Turn over the denim clothing

The work of the washing machine when your clothes carve a terrible effect on denim garments. To prevent wear color, turn your jeans out and you will increase its lifetime.

3. Use cold water

The hot water makes pigments clothes come off. The water you use for colored clothes should not be more than 26 degrees

4. Add half a cup of vinegar

Add half a cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. The vinegar will cause the detergent residue to be removed.

5. Forget the dryer

Heat is one of the main enemies of clothing. It is best to dry your clothes outdoors, just be careful not to give them direct sunlight, as this will make your clothes mudslide faster.


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