Record sales in the Apple App Store

The 1st of January of this year, 2017 detected the largest traffic register in the App Store, which is the online app store of the famous brand of white apple, sales were estimated at about $ 240 million dollars.


These 240 million dollars in purchases by its customers, last January 1 became the busiest day of the App Store, that as the company officially announced by Apple in a statement to the media.

According to the company, only during the Christmas season, the store also managed to reach sales records with an interesting $ 3 billion dollars in the month of December. Moreover, throughout the year 2016, the developers entered more than something like $ 20 billion dollars, which is 40% more than in 2015.

The Japanese Super Mario Run App or Game from Japanese company Nintendo literally made history with more than 40 million downloads in just 4 days after its official release and was the most downloaded App around the world between the days 24 and 31 December of last year (which are very impressive numbers). These figures have included the game in which it would be the ranking of the list of the 10 most downloaded apps worldwide in the year 2016, which is headed by the App Pokemon Go.

For its part, developers have invoiced a little more than $ 60 billion since the launch of the App Store there in 2008, now available in more than 155 countries. China is the fastest growing country with a strong 90% annual growth in a market where important nations such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom also dominate.

“We want to thank all developers for the innovative apps they have created. All of them, along with our products, have improved the lives of many people, “said Philip Schiller, who is the current senior vice president of global marketing for Apple.

Cupertino products have once again demonstrated the loyalty of their users to these recently recorded figures, noting that this is only the beginning of the year, so Apple expects to double or triple the numbers and demonstrate its strong presence in the market. World Market.

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