iPhone 7 and the dilemma of hearing aids


Since the company Apple recently officially presented the seventh generation of the famous iPhone, criticism and controversy have excelled on the sudden withdrawal of headphone wires.


With the famous and highly criticized elimination of so-called “mini jack” (audio output 3.5 mm), there are many who automatically wondered how he can now listen to music on the new iPhone 7?

The most common response is using the famous AirPods, which are totally new wireless headphones company of the manzanita have just put on the market officially. Its starting price is about $ 159 dollars,as indicated by the official website of Apple.

But people are still wondering, these are the only compatible headsets with the new iPhone 7?

These and many other questions more led to the signing of an international petition in which more than 200 thousand users, which expressly requested to Apple, to revoke the decision taken by the company, alleging basis, that decision could generate thousands of tons of so-called e-waste.

Now we explain what are the other headphones (be they wireless or not) use with the new iPhone 7 and how to reuse your “classic” headphones with this new smartphone from Apple.

1. Headset with Bluetooth connection

The new AirPods of Apple are a very important development today and these will come with additional pretty interesting features, such as the ability to call your assistant, the synchronization automatically with other devices that want to use  in just a seconds.

2. Lightning EarPods with connector

The second ace up his sleeve for Apple to sell more hearing aids, all of its competitors was to keep doing the 3.5 mm audio connection through port Lightning feasible.

3. With an adapter

If the time is not within your plans the spend to the wireless world and they do not yet have the EarPods selling the Cupertino company, neglected, do not worry. Apple has confirmed keeps your classic headphones into the new iPhone 7, just only use the appropriate adapter.

 The famous serial adapter will incorporated in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And for $ 10 dollars you can buy it on the page of Apple


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