Google Play Store Apps lets you test before installing

With the operating system for mobile devices, Android, everyone can access thousands of very different things in the store Google Play, where many Apps can install for free.


But there is something that many users wanted more than anything for a matter of convenience (so to speak) as more of an opportunity is not sure whether or not to download a particular application. So, the fact test it before installing it lose time, but it would be very useful.

Imagine that after you spend a long time waiting for the app is downloaded (and sometimes consuming your data plan), the App will not like, so technically you should uninstall it and start from scratch. The truth we all know, is that this can be very annoying and makes us lose time.

Thanks to new Android updates announced for Europe and the United States, before installing an App you can try, which according to users, has been one of the best features is the have added to the operating system for Android phones and receiving Instant Apps name.

As you read you can try an app before installing the moment it is only possible with some of the most popular and simplest of the Google Play Store games, but this insurance will change gradually and home time are the Apps that offer this spectacular choice for users.

How to use Instant Apps?

It is very simple to use this, in fact, do not have to enter Google Play Store. What you should do is just open the famous search engine google and write the name of that game you want to try on your device.When you find what you are looking for you must select the “try now” option, the App will start charging your mobile phone as similar to a YouTube video and it is recommended that you have a good internet connection.

What are the advantages?

The advantages according indicate users are very positive, as it allows testing the Apps as if it were a demo that will help us save time. Given that there is quite heavy Apps, which takes a bit of time to download, you can possibly lose time if the App is not to your liking.

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