Google launches instant messaging app

The search giant capital letter G is currently celebrating the Google I / O 2016, as they had previously reported. So in the coming days we will share all the news we see in this event.


One of the first news that caught our attention was the presentation of Allo an instant messaging application announced by the company in the context of Google I / O. This App competition becomes WhatsApp, additionally also met some sections on Duo, to other App which more later.

What is and how it works Allo

Allo is an instant messaging App becomes direct competition for WhatsApp, Line, Messenger and other applications found in this sector. Like its competition is linked to a cell phone number, but also allows the use of an email from Google.

The application of Allo will be available on iOS and android. One of the big differences between Allo and other applications is integrated with artificial intelligence. In fact this is its greatest advantage, for example, if someone sends you a picture of a cat, Allo automatically suggests some answers like ‘what cat so cute’. This allows the person has to write less.

If, for example, in a group someone plans to eat at one side, the artificial intelligence automatically Google recommends some places to visit and to offer the reservation on that site using an outside service.

Google for searching within the application only simply write @google. Allo texts within their size may also vary to express stronger and more intimate emotions. Some messages can be sent with encryption and others that are deleted once they are seen by the receiver, the most faithful style Snapchat.

Duo is the mobile application to make video calls

Knowing Duo, this was defined as a mobile application to make video calls and focused on networks with low data consumption. Its most striking feature is ‘Knock, Knock’, which allows the person to see what the sender before answering the call. The application is compatible with Android and iOS. For more tech tips visit

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