Six myths about tooth whitening

Tooth whitening – a simple procedure that is widely used in cosmetic dentistry

It is intended to lighten the natural color of teeth.

toothBefore starting the bleaching process, a qualified dentist should check the teeth of his patient’s gum disease and caries. Further, the physician using special means conducts whitening. However, many are afraid to go to the dentist because of certain prejudices, for example, that the procedure will spoil the tooth enamel or teeth start to crumble.

In practice, this is not true. Recent advances in dentistry offer different whitening methods that exclude various complications and other adverse consequences. To understand the situation, it is necessary to debunk some of the myths about tooth whitening:

  1. Teeth Whitening harms the structure of tooth enamel. There are many professional whitening technologies. When the dentist uses a chemical bleaching method, there is a risk of chemical exposure to the components of the solution on the tooth enamel. If you are using special cleaning or modern toothpaste for whitening, the risk is minimal, but the effect is simply stunning.
  2. After the bleaching procedure, a beautiful white smile will remain for a long time. This is misconception about bleach. Subsequently, the patient should regularly follow all doctor’s prescription to the teeth have not lost a milky white color. If you neglect the careful care, teeth begin to darken over time.
  3. Teeth whitening – it is unpleasant and painful. Bleaching process may be painful only when patients have teeth or micro cracks on the enamel surface. To prevent discomfort before the procedure the physician must examine the patient. For this reason, experts advise to carry out teeth whitening in dental clinics only, and not for cosmetic centers, where there are no qualified dentists.
  4. All kinds of whitening tooth enamel makes snow-white. Often clinics offer their customers to take advantage of the bleaching procedure under the scheme Air Flow. In fact, this is cleaning the teeth from plaque and soft plaque. After all medical manipulations, tooth enamel clean, but do not become whiter natural shade.
  5. there is no use in whitening teeth because enamel darkens again.Therefore, the best solution would be the installation of porcelain crowns.Of course, if there are contraindications to the procedure, you should take the opportunity to install crowns.In that case, when own teeth are in good condition, even if imperfect color, do not rush.After the installation procedure involves tooth crowns stitching, this, ultimately, will be only a small stump.
  6. If the procedure is expensive, so the result will be excellent. This is a controversial opinion, because it is not always the person is right for the bleaching, which is used by doctors. Besides, better to find out about the PCD, read reviews of people ask the expert about each stage of bleaching, and its consequences.

Teeth whitening – this is a great opportunity to purchase a white smile, but before the procedure, you need to go through a consultation and medical examination, as there are many contraindications. For more tips visit

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