“Gamemode.dll” the new Microsoft for PC gamers

A user has made known through his twitter account information that for PC gamers, who use Windows 10, can be very good reason to rejoice to know. User WalkingCat (@ h0x0d) wrote a tweet showing his surprise after finding a new “.dll” called “gamemode.dll”.


Microsoft knows of the importance of video games in the world of PCs, where it is estimated that this segment will grow by 35% between 2018 and 2020. Therefore we have been focusing on improving this aspect for its newest operating system. For many, Windows 10 is not the favorite to play, and since running the games now, requiring a few requirements that skyrocketed, what some achieve is to make the PC run slower than ever, thanks to The other applications that run in the background.

This is why, after the leak of the 14997 build, several new features were announced that await with the new Creators Update of Windows 10. Among the new features is a blue light filter, a Boot App, Support for “spatial audio” and regarding the subject, which was discovered by the user WalkingCat, the link “gamemode.dll”, which will represent Microsoft’s new bet for the PC gaming market.

 What is planned to be done with this “Game Mode” is an administration of computer resources, prioritizing everything that has to do with video games against other applications and processes. So when adjusting the resources of the CPU and GPU to focus them on the execution of games, will allow a more powerful execution in these. It had already seen an execution similar to the Xbox OS, which gives priority to resources when running a game, so Windows 10, working in that mode can do just like his sister console version.

 Since no official statement on the subject is expected from Microsoft, it will be a matter of waiting for other information to be revealed in January. As well as knowing if this game mode will be compatible with all Win32 games, included in these all compatible games of the Steam and Origin platforms, and even the process to activate it or their configuration options, but in the end the other More important would be that when running the games, these run as it should.

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