17 Fabulous fashion tips that short girls should start applying right now

Fashion tips for short girls can cover a wide range of topics. From the colors they wear to the different types of garments they should avoid; And apparently there is a lot and many girls are out there without knowing them.


My main tip of fashion for little girls is to have confidence and show up with their heads held high. On the other hand, if you want to create the illusion that you have an extra height, take a look at the following tips that will help you look more fabulous and beautiful than you already are.

1. Uses monochrome colors

 The use of a single color from head to toe can help you create an elongated silhouette, giving you the illusion that you have more height. Too many different colors can break your silhouette, creating a block appearance.

2. Greet the heels

 One of the most obvious fashion tips for short girls is the use of high heels. Whether you want a few inches or more, even the lowest-heeled shoes will physically give you height. If you’re not used to wobbling around stilettos, why not try a “safer” option like a pair of high-heeled shoes?

3. Wear high-cut trousers

 Creating the appearance of being taller has to do with proportions. The use of shorts, trousers or skirts of high waist creates a kind of optical illusion. The waist that looks higher leads to the appearance of higher legs, and therefore will give you a more slender silhouette.

4. Do not be afraid of maxis

 Maxi skirts or dresses can be a major concern for short girls. However, pleated skirts have a tendency to “hide” that it is something maxi. My advice is to wear elegant skirts or straight style dresses.

5. Use shorter skirts

 The miniskirts and the dresses are fantastic if you have legs made for them. A correct combination of shoes, dresses or skirts can help you create a look of long, thin legs. However, you have to bet on the skirts and dresses that end just above the knee. That will be the best option for you.

6. Choose the right pants

 When it comes to fashion tips for short girls, wearing pants is all about the right proportions. You will want a tight style that is not too bulky. Make sure your jeans are slightly flared so you’ll look taller. Try to avoid any style that is too bulky.

7. Avoid sailor or short pants

 When choosing a pair of pants, always avoid pants that are to the ankle. Pants that end up above the footwear can also create the appearance of shorter legs. Wear a hem that covers most of your shoe, thus giving the appearance of longer legs.

8. Beware of bulky

Little girls need more choice for tight clothing. Nothing too loose or bulky, because that way you will give an extra volume to your appearance and will make you look more robust than you are already.

9. Choose thin belts

 Belts can be dangerous territory. Wearing a wide belt on a dress can make your body shorten and hinder the creation of elongated silhouette. However, as a general rule, you use thin belts as they are more proportionate.

10. Dark colored dress

 The use of dark colors can give you a more elegant and aerodynamic appearance. That’s why we have the theory that “black slims you” right? Using dark colors together can help you create an elongated silhouette.

11. Avoid large bags

 Proper accessories can have a big impact on your overall appearance. Little girls should opt for small purses because large ones can flood your silhouette and make you look shorter than you already are.

12.Use vertical lines

 For a long time we have been fueled by the belief that the horizontal lines will make us look wider. Thus, according to this theory, vertical stripes must have the opposite effect. You do not have to use multiple stripes, a single vertical line can have the same extension affection.

13. Choose the right print

 Patterns are always popular when it comes to clothing. However, choosing the right type of prints can play an important role in creating the illusion that you are taller. Little girls should avoid large patterns and prints. Instead, use long patterns or patterns that appear to cascade.

14.Use pointed flats

 Toe shoes can give you a higher appearance. So if your heels are not your thing and you are determined to wear flat shoes, opt for pointy shoes rather than the typical ballet ballerinas.

15. Avoid shoes with straps at the ankles

 Shoes with ankle straps can make your legs look thicker. If you want to make your legs look longer and lighter, then it is best to avoid straps at all costs.

16. Look carefully at your cleavage

 The V-shaped and U-shaped necklines can also help give the illusion of height for the small and petite girls. They can also be much more flattering than deep necklines.

17. Have confidence

No matter how tall or short you are, use a look as fabulous as you feel. It is important that you demonstrate confidence in everything you wear. Trust and a nice smile are the best accessory you can take daily

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